Meeting location: Town offices
Date: September 12, 2019
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Kathleen Scott, Andrea Hodson
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned: 9:05 pm

Attendees: Ranae O’Neill, Pam Thayer, Winston Sims, Ryan Stone, Lisa Anderson, Mike Wilder, Don Scott, Nancy Lory, Janice Garcia, Mary Thompson, David Thompson, Patrick Gagne, Ed Brooks, Ginny Brooks

NHDES Dam Bureau – Grace Levergood – Public Hearing
Grace Levergood addressed the board and public regarding the fall drawdown schedule for NH Harrisville lakes and ponds.  For Chesham Pond, 6’ drawdown begins September 30 to allow for the continued reconstruction work on the dam. Ms. Levergood noted that work was completed this summer on the east side of the dam, and involved an easement for parking. At the property owner’s request, private property signage was installed. A historical marker will be installed, denoting the uncovered timber construction dating back to the 1870s.  Winter work will be on the west side. Silver Lake (3’) and Howe Reservoir (6’) drawdowns will begin October 14.

Town Sesquicentennial– SB, recognizing the importance of the occasion, would like committee to help plan and implement the program of activities and believe the centennial program can be used as a starting point. SB discussed ideas with representatives of the Old Home Day Committee, including possible participants and a preparing an event budget. The official incorporation date for the town is July 21, 1870.

Bonds Corner– The question arose regarding a driveway under construction and the town driveway regulations, which allow one driveway per lot per 250 feet of road frontage. The SB discussed the language on the application form itself and the possible need to revise. The SB proposed a meeting with the Road Agent, Building Inspector and property owners to resolve the matter.

Russell Reservoir – Patrick Gagne, representing residents of Russell Reservoir, explained the issue of debris from beavers causing issues at the dam and occasionally rendering the gate inoperable, which it is now, with debris as high as 15’. Two huts have been located. Fish and Game informed Mr. Gagne that property owners can trap beavers located on their own land. Because of the safety railings, the Road Agent can’t clear the debris. Mr. Gagne asked if it were possible to trap and kill on town property, as this is a safety issue for the dam, as it was with the heavy rains last August which caused overflow. Mr. Gagne noted that a majority of the property owners around the lake support this approach.  Mr. Gagne also requested, as has consistently been requested in the past, for drawdown of Russell Reservoir to follow Howe Reservoir drawdown. The SB noted that Howe Reservoir is scheduled for the week of Oct 14. SB will discuss with the Road Agent.

Planning Board– The PB co-chairs updated the SB on proposed ordinance revisions related to impervious cover, Accessory Dwelling Units, the sign ordinance, the addition of an ordinance addressing solar energy systems, and the deletion of provisions in Article XX rendered moot by the passage of the Personal Wireless Facilities article last March. Regarding the existing Article 17.1.10, the SB stated it should remain as written, requiring approval by the SB for any proposed signs on town property. Jay Jacobs requested removal or simplification of the Conservation Subdivision Ordinance. The Co-Chairs submitted copies of the Draft Ordinance Amendments and noted the PB hopes to hold a Community Conversation in November to share the proposals with the public. Also submitted to the SB was a copy of the current application form for Personal Wireless Facilities. Lisa Anderson noted a new form for Voluntary Mergers also is being drafted to clarify and streamline this application process. Finally, the PB is setting up a process to review the Master Plan, beginning with the vision section.

Fire Department– The new furnace was installed. Mr. Dargie recommends removing or plating the emergency switch and upgrading CFM to eliminate and distribute more efficiently the heat that emanates from system, believing it will extend the life of the furnace. The SB agrees with the recommendations and will contact Mr. Dargie to let him know. The SB noted the reroof will happen the last week in September

Recycle Center– SB reported that the catch basin has been repaired. The SB also discussed feedback from residents over the course of the first transition weekend. Implementation of process improvements will be ongoing through the fall.

Library– Garth Tichy will investigate if septic issue is more complicated.

Other business
Prospect Street Bridge repair – No update at this time.

Regarding the question about a test pit, Andrea Hodson will draft a memo to David O’Neil.

SB signed MS – 535, the financial report of the budget to be returned to state.

SB signed the Wetlands Application for Permit By Notification for Martha and Cole Mills of 130 Hancock Road.

SB signed financials in the amount of $148,605.


The SB voted to approve the September 5 meeting minutes as written.