Meeting location: Town offices
Date: September 5, 2019
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned: 9:15 pm.

Members of the public:  Harry Wolhandler, Don Scott

Broadband Committee– The SB noted it supports the work and recommendations of the Broadband Committee on the best approach for proceeding with an RFP and efforts to improve broadband/cell service for residents and businesses in the village and throughout town.

Conservation Commission– Harry Wolhandler described the final proposal and cost estimates for the HCC’s Rain Garden project, including plans to accommodate adequate parking at the boat ramp. The SB will discuss with the Road Agent the possibility of coordinating with culvert repair on Prospect Street, the anticipated timing of which is late fall. Following discussion, the SB moved to support the HCC’s Rain Garden project, subject to appropriation out of the HCC budget, and to pursue the opportunity to coordinate with the Highway Dept for cost reduction. All voted in favor.  The board informed Mr. Wolhandler that a one hundred dollar check for the state permit will be cut next week, and the SB signed the PBN application.

Assessing– The SB moved and unanimously voted in favor to approve the 2019 MS-1, which will be submitted to state.

Recycling Center– The SB discussed recommendations of the RC committee and ideas for handling of materials, parking, and funding of any changes. SB reviewed the flyer to be distributed at the RC to keep residents apprised of happenings. SB and committee attempting to streamline the tipping fee and sticker processes.  The SB reviewed and edited the tipping fee schedule. A laminated poster advertising all fees will be posted at the RC.

Safety Committee– SB acknowledged receipt of part one of the Safety Audit and will review.

Minutes of August 30, 2019– SB moved to approve with the addition to these minutes that it acknowledged receipt of the Cucchis’ correspondence stating they would contest the PB’s approval of the Worden Voluntary Merger.

Budget –Andrea Hodson shared a draft of MS-434, including the worksheet, for Revised Estimated Revenues, which is ready to be submitted to the state. SB also held preliminary discussion about budget preparation.