Meeting location: Town offices
Date: August 30, 2019
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson
Meeting opened: 9:00 am. Meeting adjourned: 12:50 pm

Members of the public: Andrew Maneval, Ned Hulbert, Erin Hammerstedt

Broadband Committee– The SB discussed with broadband committee representatives the draft RFP which the committee hopes can be sent out to potential broadband and wireless providers in the coming weeks. The group reviewed the possibility of investments in fiber versus wireless or a combination of both, the benefits to the town, including increased property values and the ability to attract people and businesses to the community, and the potential for any funding at the state or federal level. It was noted there is the potential of no response from providers as well as the potential for interest from several small or large providers. The town’s telecommunications needs also were addressed, with support expressed by the Fire Chief for improved service as soon as possible.  There is a chance eventually all residents could be reached but, as the draft RFP exists now, it is not a requirement for providers.  The group further discussed the terms of the draft RFP, including potentially adding the option of a bidding meeting. The committee will continue to work with the SB to finalize, with the hope of sending out at the end of the first week in September. Andrea Hodson will follow up with providers who were contacted for Requests for Information but who have not responded and whose responses will inform the final RFP. Any contract that would result from the responses to the RFP would be negotiated by the town and would be voted on at Town Meeting.

Fire Department– The Fire Chief expressed the telecommunications needs of the department, including the need to recertify members for medical every two years. He and the Police Chief also discussed FirstNet, the system out of the Department of Homeland Security for first responders, police/fire/ambulance and the plan to put 3 towers in Chesham County.

Separately, it was noted the furnace and roof repairs for the Fire Department are in the works.

Prospect Street Bridge– Jay Jacobs noted the estimate is being prepared by welder to repair uprights. The SB noted that, on the horizon, repairs to the bridge by the library and the south road bridge need to be addressed. The SB will discuss further with the Road Agent and will review the CIP related to these matters and possibly building up the fund for a 2025 timeframe.

Safety Committee– SB reported that the utility sink in the town office’s mechanical closet was moved and the restroom toilets replaced. Andrea Hodson will talk to Jeff Cady about painting a no parking lane outside the Fire Department and also the slip lane at the Recycling Center.

Recycling Center– The transition team currently consists of Jeff Cady, Courtney Cox, Andrea Hodson and Randy Tarr, Jr.. The committee is looking at quick fixes for September, including staffing and fees, brush pile, etc. and will assess needs, collect data (e.g., car count) and distribute a survey to residents to help plan for any future changes. SB also will review the certification process. Andrea Hodson noted that at this time the committee proposes the following: to remove all outdated signs and replace with clearer signage/removable magnetic signs on bins; information for visitors to RC; advertise tipping fee schedule; regarding traffic flow, to install designated lane and reinforce parking regulations; improve access to bins with lower rise, wider stairs and stable railings or removable stairs/ramp; replacing the grate over the drop basin; how to better utilize space; and offer assistance to residents. An explanatory flyer, to be drafted by Andrea Hodson, will be distributed during the hours of operation as well as the survey. She also will finalize tipping pricing for signs.

SB reviewed and signed pay warrant.

SB approved Minutes of August 22.