Harrisville Conservation Commission


Wednesday, September 4, 2019, 7:00 PM Town Offices

  1. Public Hearing: The Proposed Harrisville Pond Boat Ramp Rain Garden
  1. Agenda Review / approve August Minutes
  1. Rain Garden Update
    1. Final Design, review & approve Shoreland/Wetland Permits
    2. Action on Expedited Wetland permit (Don Scott on behalf of HCC)
    3. Timing decision – this fall, while culvert is replaced, or next spring as standalone project
    4. Project approval vote
  1. New Shoreland permit PBNs and applications
    1. 130 Hancock Road – request for expedited wetland permit to repair shoreline retaining wall
      Don Scott on behalf of Martha & Cole Mills
    2. 59 Nelson Rd – proposed deck addition – Acorn Engineering (informational – Shoreland permit only, no Wetlands permit to review)
  2. Skatutakee Lake Dam Repair – Funding Request revisited
    1. Request from George Lowrey of Skatutekee Lake Association for HCC support for the repair
    2. Discussion of proposed contributions based on info received in August
    3. If HCC agrees, a public hearing and final vote may be held in October.
  1. Reports on other town committees (5-10 minutes)
    1. Select-board
    2. Planning Board
    3. Zoning Board of Adjustment
    4. Ordinance Review Committee (Solar, Signage)


  1. Other business