Meeting location: Town offices
Date:  August 8, 2019
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned: 9:15 pm.

Members of the public: Pamela Worden, Charles Faucher

Skatutakee Lake– Charles Faucher submitted photos to the SB of “private property” signs he and Pamela Worden made and have posted, at the suggestion of the SB, on stairs leading into the lake from their parcel of land. A portion of the land contains a public right of way which, occasionally, is used for lake access. The right of way has been an issue, the specifics of which are being debated by the property owners and neighbors and involve a long history with the town. Ms. Worden and Mr. Faucher contend the right of way runs along the road and not across the parcel to the lake. They noted that the parcel has a Warranty and Deed and they believe they own it outright. They further have requested that the town cede the condition that the right of way remain as part of any Planning Board approval of a Voluntary Merger of their parcels. The SB noted it continues to review the legal documents submitted, and at this point maintains its position and the opinion of legal counsel, but that Ms. Worden and Mr. Faucher have the right to pursue their application with the Planning Board. The SB also suggested the property owners talk to Noel Greiner for further insight into Marine Patrol regulations.

Recycling Center– SB discussed ideas for supporting staff moving forward. They also will reach out to potential committee members.

Prospect Street Bridge– The SB noted that the plan, on the recommendation of the Road Agent is to replace a portion of the bridge railing using tubular steel which, when painted, will appear like the existing wood railings. SB noted Andrew Maneval will talk to the Police Chief regarding the proper route with the insurance companies. SB also will obtain a written estimate for the repairs.

Harrisville Highway Block Grant– SB noted the town received a block grant, per RSA 235:23, in the amount of $61,274.32 for fiscal year 2020 as payment for maintenance, construction and reconstruction for Class IV and V highways.  The letter from the DOT arrived 8/6/19.

SB signed minutes of August 1.

SB signed financials in the amount of $139,052.02.