Harrisville Conservation Commission


Wednesday, August 7, 2019, 7:00 PM Town Offices

          Agenda Review / approve July Minutes

           Rain Garden Update

    1. Drawing updates including from Town Road Agent
    2. Materials & preliminary cost estimates
    3. Final approval: Wetland / Shoreland application submission ($cost already approved)
    4. 2nd public hearing / final vote on approval for Sept. meeting

      Watershed Protection: Rainwater Retention Education

      1. Lisa Loosigian, NH DES Soak Up the Rain:
        “90% of water pollution problems in NH are caused by or contributed to by stormwater runoff”
      2. Using the new Rain Garden for public education about importance of managing runoff
      3. Educational methods: Sign board, leaflets & handouts, Community Conversations (Protect Watersheds)

        Timing discussion:
        Fall, celebrating completion of Rain Garden?
        Or Spring, celebrating bare ground and runoff management?


Skatutakee Lake Dam Repair

    1. Request from George Lowrey of Skatutekee Lake Association for HCC support for the repair
    2. Preliminary review and discussion of request
    3. If HCC agrees, a public hearing and final vote may be held in Sept. meeting 

Aquatic Invasive Prevention

    1. Request from Judson Dexter, Silver Lake Association:
      opening a conversation on contingency planning or budgeting for addressing invasive species

      New Shoreland permit PBNs and applications

 Reports on other town committees (5-10 minutes)

    1. Selectboard
    2. Planning Board
    3. Zoning Board of Adjustment
    4. Community Outreach to Conservation-related Organizations

Other business