Meeting location: Town offices
Date: July 26, 2019
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Kathy Scott, Andrea Hodson
Meeting opened: 9:00 am; Meeting continued at 12:25 pm to Wednesday, July 31, at 7:00 pm

Town Clerk – The Town Clerk met with the SB to discuss the following: 1) Beginning in September, to hold office hours one Saturday morning per month to accommodate residents’ schedules; 2) the hiring of a Deputy Town Clerk to assist with office duties and to train in time for elections and Town Meeting; and 3) salary increase commensurate with responsibilities. Following discussion of each proposal and discussion of current and projected budgets, the SB moved to approve the change in the scheduled Town Clerk office hours, to approve the hiring of a Deputy Town Clerk at the hourly rate of $18, and to approve a salary increase to $26 per hour for the Town Clerk, retroactive to July 6, all while maintaining the department payroll at $44,500 for the year.The SB noted that beginning September, the Town Clerk office hours will be Tuesdays, 3-7pm, Thursdays 8am-1pm and the first Saturday of each month, 8am-11am. Separately the SB confirmed that the Town Clerk position is bonded.

Recycling Center– With the upcoming retirement of the RC manager, the SB discussed with Randy Tarr, Jr. his hours and responsibilities going forward. The SB requested that he communicate regularly to ensure a smooth transition and that he meet with the board again in the coming weeks.

Fire Department– SB discussed with the Fire Chief the replacement of the furnace, already budgeted. SB will get a quote. Roof repair is in the works. SB asked the Chief to work with the roofers to assure that the vents and/or pipes that need to go through roof continue to do so.

Trails Committee – SB would like to assess condition of old rail bed with Road Agent. Committee is drafting estimate for Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST) grant.

Transportation Committee– SB reconfirmed its endorsement of committee’s pursuit of the possibility of a crosswalk near the General Store as well as the installation of a speed radar sign on the southbound side of Route 137 north of Hancock Road. Jay Jacobs maintained his position that he does not necessarily support the use of taxpayer money for committee projects and that it’s important to get state buy-in before spending money. Mary Day Mordecai reported into the SB that the committee has decided not to apply for a grant this year as it will work with an engineer first to get a recommendation for proceeding on both the crosswalk and the radar sign. The committee will, however, apply to the Harrisville Community Fund for supplemental funds.

Prospect Street Bridge– In discussing the railing damage, the SB confirmed that the town’s deductible with Primex is $1,000. SB will get estimate for repairs.

Other business– SB will draft letter to property owner regarding tents on property and related concerns expressed by Health Officer, Building Inspector and Assessor.

Police Department– The Police Chief updated the SB that the Wilderness Trail road naming can be put on hold for now until a third residence is proposed for that portion of road; The Police Chief reconfirmed that parking regulations along Breed Road are off-pavement parking only. Given continued violations along Hancock Road by the Skatutakee boat ramp, the Police Chief recommends moving one of the existing “No Parking” signs and possibly adding a “Parking on  Opposite Side Only”. Chief Driscoll requests that Lake Host staff also obey these regulations.

Separately, the Police Chief reported that the Island and Canal Street 911 mapping errors have been corrected. Regarding a complaint about traffic along Rosemary Trail, all noted this is a Class VI road.

Traffic Safety– This committee will connect with Transportation Committee and will schedule a meeting in the coming weeks.

Minutes of previous meeting– SB approved the July 18 Meeting Minutes with the following amendments:

  • Streetlights– Kathy Scott stated that Eversource will not currently replace any incandescent light bulbs with the newly available Westinghouse, single filament LED bulbs brought to their attention from the Street Light Committee. Eversource has given an estimate to the town and Street Light Committee for the request to replace the remaining 6 non-conforming lights with reconditioned radial wave fixtures. The Streetlight Committee will come back to the SB with its recommendation regarding this;
  • Skatutakee Lake– If residents decide they want the lake to become a regulated lake, instead of a non-regulated lake as it is now, the process involves petitioning Marine Patrol, not the SB. Separately, SB had suggested to Pamela Worden and Charles Faucher to post no trespassing sign on steps going into lake.

SB will discuss at next meeting establishing a small Recycling Center Committee.