Harrisville Conservation Commission
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Winston Sims requested that the HCC resume work on procedures. Group will discuss next month based on notes prepared by Les LaMois, Winston Sims and Andrea Polizos.

Meeting Minutes of June 5, 2019
Members unanimously approved.

Old Home Days
Harry Wolhandler will contact Brett Thelen about materials for Old Home Days.  Don Scott shared the poster he prepared about compost and composting and a separate poster about rain gardens, their benefits and how they work. Mr. Wolhandler presented poster material on aquatic invasives called “The Frightening Fourteen”; he also presented a map depicting locations where weeds have been found.  Winston Sims plans to bring a map of sensitive environmental places and NRI Watershed Maps. Mr. Wolhandler asked that the latter two be kept at town offices.

Summer Celebration
Still set for Saturday, July 20, from 11-2.

Rain Garden Project
Don Scott will bring details, drawings and estimated expenses next month.

Stormwater Management – Rainwater Retention Education
Members discussed different ideas about how to help educate residents. The Chair noted that the Planning Board would support the effort but does not have the time to take it on. All agreed it makes sense to tap into DES Soak up the Rain and Lake Smart programs. The suggestion was made for a regional conversation on the topic. All also liked the idea of a Common Threads article followed up with a tour of a property noted for its water infiltration methods.  As a start, Mr. Wolhandler will draft a survey of questions for homeowners, including questions about issues they see related to stormwater. Don Scott discussed how the design model has changed; that it used to be that drainage was geared to carrying water away, whereas now the goal is to retain and infiltrate it.

It was noted that the ORC is considering an ordinance for wetland buffers and possibly on stormwater management.

New Shoreland Permit PBNs and applications
Mr. Scott noted the DES website address where members can review the status of permit applications filed by residents.

The group reviewed the current list.

Meeting adjourned at 8:23 pm.