Meeting location: Town offices
Date: June 28, 2019
Members present: Jay Jacobs and Kathy Scott. Members absent: Andrea Hodson
Meeting opened: 9:10 am; Meeting adjourned: 11:45 am

Members of the public: Susan Lloyd, Dan Lloyd

Susan and Daniel Lloyd of Skatutakee Road met with SB to request permission for a temporary RV on their property as they work towards building a permanent dwelling. Following discussion and explanation of the zoning ordinances by the SB that permission can only be granted on a temporary basis and that the Lloyds would need to return to the SB in the spring of 2020 should their permanent home not be ready, the SB unanimously voted in favor.

Departments, Boards and Committees
Health Officer– David Belknap informed the SB of the availability of free water testing kits at the town offices for both year round and seasonal residents, but noted that the cost of the testing itself varies from $40 to $150, depending on the analysis requested. Samples get dropped off next to Market Basket in Swanzey and go to the state by priority mail for testing.  Separately, Mr. Belknap recommended that the sign at the Skatutakee Spring be replaced as the plexiglass is broken and mold has formed inside it. SB will discuss with Mike Wilder.

Safety Committee– Jeff Cady updated the SB on the progress of the Safety Committee, thanked the SB for its support, and presented outstanding items for consideration related to the town offices and the highway barn. Following discussion of these as well as a proposal by Mr. Cady, the SB moved and voted in favor to accept Jeff’s proposal to update safety data sheets for all departments and prepare an inventory of chemical products and cleaners between now and the end of 2019.Mr. Cady then suggested relocation of the sink in the conference room closet given its proximity to electrical infrastructure and ideas regarding fire egress. He reviewed the status of the emergency management plan, available at town offices and also at the Fire and Police Departments, and the emergency action plan for the town dams. SB requested a written proposal from Liz Gilfoy at the state to assist with the EAP.  SB will look at the budget for next year to see what, and how much, can be done.

Conservation Commission– SB confirmed that Harry Wolhandler is the Con Com representative to the Ordinance Review Committee.

Recycling Center –SB continued discussion of possible design alternatives, uses for building, installation of a ramp, need to accommodate MDS bin-removal truck and the importance of educating residents about cleaning recyclables. SB also noted need for committee/outside assistance to help with immediate and longer term needs and ideas as the recycling market and industry evolves. No immediate action taken.

Tax Collector– SB authorizes the Deputy Tax Collector to make bank deposits; SB also authorizes temporary use of Tax Collector’s kiosk email address until further notice. Separately, SB noted that the question regarding personnel request for pay will be settled upon return of SB member from vacation next week. SB confirmed that the temporary pay of the Deputy Tax Collector will be commensurate with that of the Town Clerk and Tax Collector.

Other business
SB approved meeting minutes of June 20, 2019.

SB noted receipt of PILT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) in amount of $501 for federal lands within town’s jurisdiction

SB noted Eversource’s upcoming tree trimming work on Willard Hill, Venable Road and Mason Roads. Information is posted at the town offices and on the home page of the website.

Health Department – Sample summary reports show that beaches all safe for swimming and recreation.

SB signed financials in the amount of $131,883.54.