Ordinance Review Committee
Tuesday, June 26, 2019 – Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Lisa Anderson, Carol Ogilvie, Don Scott, Harry Wolhandler, Mary Ann Noyer, Charles Sorenson, Winston Sims

Minutes of previous meeting– approved.

ORC scope of work –As approved by the Planning Board at its June 12 meeting, the ORC’s scope of work for 2019 consists of the following:  Solar Use(proposing language to address); Accessory Dwelling Units (to accommodate with new construction); Stormwater Runoff(effect on roads and adjacent properties; Agriculture(potentially expand opportunity); Wetlands Setbacks(for structures, parking areas and roads); Sign Ordinance (compliance with Supreme Court decision); Impervious cover(revisit last year’s proposal); Personal Wireless Facilities (remove 20.1.3 in light of adoption of new Article XIX); and Definitions section (revise as needed).

Next steps for each topic:
1) ADU – Proposal is simply to strike the word “existing” from provision.

2) Sign ordinance – Charlie and Mary Ann will review Andrew Maneval’s proposed draft and compare to our existing language.

3) Solar use – Carol presented sample ordinance which committee felt was more extensive than needed at this time. Carol will check how net metering has changed and will simplify/propose more abbreviated language for next meeting. Potential issues include appearance and impact on neighboring properties, tax implications, technological changes and differences between residential and commercial applications.

4) Agriculture – Carol will propose language based on state’s definition and also to potentially allow agricultural opportunities outside of residential/agricultural district.

5) Impervious Cover – Group will revisit last year’s proposed language.

6) Stormwater Runoff – group discussed potential controversy surrounding overburdening property owners and needing to balance this with protection of roads and adjacent properties. Incentives for mitigation were discussed as desirable. Carol has seen language when work/disturbance is in excess of a certain number of feet and will propose alternatives at next meeting. Carol sees biggest challenge as lack of oversight by Planning Boards outside of an application process.

7) Wetlands Setback – to be focused on following completion of earlier items

8) Definitions- will be modified last

At the next meeting, scheduled for Wednesday, July 10, at 4:00 pm, the committee will focus on Topics #s 1 through 3. The committee also agreed to meet Tuesday, July 16, at 6:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 5:25 pm.