Meeting location: Town offices
Date: May 31, 2019
Members present: Jay Jacobs and Andrea Hodson. Members absent: Kathy Scott
Meeting opened: 9:00 am. Meeting adjourned: 11:40 am

Members of the public: none

Planning Board update – SB noted that the Ordinance Review Committee will meet Tuesday, June 4th,@ 5:30 pm.

Fire Department – SB discussed details of repairs and will finalize RFP.

Safety Committee – SB signed minutes of last meeting; SB approved safety measures for highway barn.

Skatutakee Spring – SB will post notice regarding the Health Officer’s testing of the water once notified of the results.

Wilderness Trail – SB will send letter to residents about naming the road for 911 purposes.

Old Home Days – SB approved American Thunder Fireworks contract for Sunday, July 7th, with a rain date of Monday, July 8th.

Tax Collector – SB will draft letter regarding leave of absence and backfilling of duties.

Town Clerk – SB signed Oath of Office for Cathy Lovas.

Financials – SB signed financials in the amount of $69,171.85.

SB is continuing to review information submitted by Pamela Worden.