Ordinance Review Committee
Meeting Minutes

The Ordinance Review Committee, a subcommittee of the Planning Board which includes representatives of other town boards and residents, met at the town offices on Tuesday, May 28, 2019.

Attendees: Carol Ogilvie, Don Scott, Lisa Anderson, Mary Ann Noyer, Harry Wolhandler, Winston Sims

Review of 2018 committee work
Lisa Anderson reviewed committee work from 2018. She noted the ordinance amendments that passed at Town Meeting, but notified members that the amendment on the ballot related to impervious cover, proposed as a new Article 4.1.14 in the General Provisions chapter, was determined by both Town Counsel and the NH Municipal Association to be null and void. The reason for this was a flaw in the process – specifically, the amendment language in the version presented at the two public hearings, and endorsed by the Planning Board, differed slightly from the language which appeared on the actual voting ballot.  Thus, Article 4.1.14 will remain as it was prior to the March Town Meeting.  An updated version of the Zoning Ordinances will be printed for the public and town boards in the coming weeks.

2019 priorities
There was preliminary discussion of areas of focus for 2019, including potential changes to wetland, shoreland and lot size ordinances. Also, possibly, solar use and review of conservation subdivision. Carol Ogilvie summarized her comparison of Master Plan priorities with existing ordinances, again noting possible provisions to be amended, such as: regulations for lots divided by a boundary; opportunities for agricultural / incorporate statutory definition of agriculture; consider a wetland setback and/or buffer for structures and parking areas; various district setbacks and road frontage requirements; site plan review and subdivision regulations. She added, however, she doesn’t see anything grossly out of line with goals of Master Plan.

It was noted that Article XX and language related to ZBA oversight of wireless facilities should be amended to coincide with Article XIX related to Personal Wireless Facilities, which was adopted in March.

Additional thoughts/suggestions
Stormwater management – Group discussed management of stormwater runoff as a priority – runoff both on property and from property to road. The group asked if the town should institute a type of site work permit for work on properties that could affect adjacent properties and/or town roads. Potential amendments could be made to General Provisions section…4.1.5 adding to building permit requirement or 4.1.13 adding to inspection requirements.

ADU ordinance – Group may want to look at ADU language to accommodate multi-family dwelling/duplex

Frontage on Class VI roads – amend requirements??

Next steps
Carol will boil down what was discussed, organize and propose issues that may arise related to proposing certain amendments.

Lisa will update Select Board on opinions of Silas Little and NHMA attorney.

Group will develop a list of potential zoning amendment topics to be presented to the Planning Board at its regular meeting on Wed., June 12.

Next meeting of ORC will be Tues, June 4that 5:30 pm. For this meeting members will review the Conservation Subdivision ordinance to identify any aspects that warrant changing or are problematic.

Meeting adjourned at 6:35 pm.