The Harrisville Planning Board held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, May 8, 2019, at the town office building located on Chesham Road.

Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm.

Members present: Ryan Stone Co-Chair, Lisa Anderson Co-Chair,Ned Hulbert, Noel Greiner, Courtney Cox, Don Scott Alternate, Andrea Hodson Selectboard Representative, Kathy Scott Selectboard Alternate
Members absent: Peter Thayer,
    Members of the public: Anne Howe, Winston Sims

Attendance and voting members
Ryan Stone noted that the voting members for the evening were himself, Lisa Anderson, Ned Hulbert, Courtney Cox and Andrea Hodson.

     Noel Greiner moved to approve the agenda. Lisa Anderson seconded. All voted in favor.

Minutes of previous meeting 4/10
Members voted unanimously in favor to approve the PB minutes of April 10.

Orientation of new PB members/New member training
The second orientation session was held for new PB members Kathy Scott, Don Scott, and Andrea Hodson. If another session is desired, it can be scheduled. Members also noted the continued opportunity to attend NHMA law lectures, workshops and/or webinars.

Election of Officers
     Ned Hulbert moved to nominate Ryan Stone and Lisa Anderson as co-chairs. Noel Greiner seconded. All voted in favor. The co-chairs were thanked by Mr. Hulbert for their time and willingness to perform the extensive duties. For the position of Secretary, Ned Hulbert moved to nominate Peter Thayer. Courtney Cox seconded. All voted in favor.

Transportation Committee
Mary Day Mordecai updated the board on Transportation Committee, including a meeting on May 30 with the DOT on the crosswalk initiative. The DOT will measure for the required distances for line of sight and for adequate lighting. The committee also hopes to visit the Route 137 / Hancock Road intersection with the DOT to discuss potential safety measures there.  Ms. Mordecai also discussed the speed zone being implemented outside Wells Memorial as part of the Safe Routes to School program. It is expected to go in next month.  Ned Hulbert subsequently mentioned that SWRPC is announcing a grant program involving $90,000 for projects, likely split among 4 or 5 communities. SWRPC also is working with Barbara Watkins of the Trails Committee on trail maps and with Monadnock Alliance for Sustainable Transportation (MAST), wondering if the latter could help with speed radar signs.
Asked by Ryan Stone how crosswalks might fit in with the town’s historic and cultural resources, Mary Day Mordecai responded she believes they would have minimal impact given the number of signs already existing and that the goal is to accommodate the residents and children and elderly. She added that the committee hopes to preserve the ability to walk safely. There was further discussion about excessive speeding.

New Ordinance Amendments from Town Meeting
     Lisa Anderson confirmed that, concerning the language discrepancy on the zoning amendment on impervious cover voted on at Town Meeting, the attorney from NHMA stated that the version voted on is the language that stands. Another amendment could be proposed next year. In addition, Ms. Anderson noted that new copies of the zoning ordinances are being printed and will include newly adopted provisions.
Regarding Articles XIX and XX and the question of jurisdiction over Personal Wireless Facilities, members noted that any applicants proposing construction of a personal wireless facility would be referred to the Planning Board and subject to the provisions in Article XIX. Applicants would not be subject to oversight by both the PB and the ZBA, which is authorized under Article XX to oversee “wireless communications facilities”.
Lisa Anderson noted the Ordinance Review Committee would reconvene in the coming months to address priorities for next Town Meeting, including consideration of a wetland buffer.

Broadband update
The broadband committee met April 25 and will meet again May 20that 9:00 at town offices to discuss the town of Chesterfield’s initiative for fiber and also to discuss the application process here.

 Master Plan
For its June meeting, members will review three PB documents related to the Master Plan before discussing ideas for revising or updating. These documents include a 2015 memo with recommendations, a 2016 document discussing a Master Plan Committee, and the OEP Manual of December 2018, which addresses processes for amending and writing a Master Plan. The key question to consider is, “Have conditions in town changed significantly since the last version was crafted?”
Anne Howe raised the concern that there is no town-wide focus on historical resources and shared with the PB her research on National Register nominations.

Members discussed needed and proposed updates to the website. Mary Ann Noyer will prepare an inventory of existing website documents and forms and update with current versions as needed. Longer term, the board hopes to offer a type of user-guide for applicants going through the building permit and zoning application process.

Training opportunities
Ned Hulbert will call SWRPC to ensure all PB members are on their mailing list. Lisa Anderson will email members with training dates, including for the seminar on Planning Vibrant Communities, which is May 30 in Swanzey.

Other business
Winston Sims asked to discuss watersheds and asked each member what, from a PB perspective, is felt to be the most important aspect of watersheds. Following a brief discussion, members asked to have Mr. Sims’s email forwarded so they could review it and respond in June.

New business
     Andrea Hodson noted that the SB would meet with Mr. Cucchi to discuss the technical requirements for new roads, and the conditions of approval, for his Skatutakee Road subdivision. The PB issued the decision in 2017.

Meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.