Meeting location: Town offices
Date: March 7, 2019
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Jonathan Miner, Kathleen Scott
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned: 9:32 pm

Members of the public: none

Documents signed or reviewed:
SB signed SB Meeting Minutes of 2/28/2019.

SB signed abatements for Assessor including for Wade, DeRosiers and Hollenbeck.

SB approved of proposal from Powers to repair the generator at the Police Department for $976.98.

At 7:51 pm, the SB moved to enter into Executive Session per RSA 91-A:3,II(a) to discuss personnel issues.  At the end of the session, SB moved and unanimously voted in favor to seal the minutes. At 8:36 pm, SB moved and unanimously voted in favor to exit Executive Session.

Other business:
Proposed zoning amendments – Winston Sims attended to express concern about the zoning ordinance amendment related to impervious cover on the Town Meeting ballot. Mr. Sims argued that the purpose stated is misleading to voters and not in sync with the actual language in the proposed impervious cover provision. He also expressed concern that, overall, if passed, the impervious cover ordinance will be environmentally damaging to the town. The board disagreed that it automatically allows for an excess of 20% impervious cover. Though in difference of opinion with Mr. Sims about his interpretation of the language in both the purpose stated on the ballot or in the actual provision, the SB expressed their thanks for his input and attention to the matter. They explained the process the Ordinance Revision Committee pursued to arrive at their proposed amendments, noting that the Conservation Commission was represented on the committee. The SB further stated that it is not in the SB’s purview, but is in the Planning Board’s, to draft the zoning ordinances. As the deadline for changes to the Warrant and ballot have passed, they noted, the only remedy until new proposals can be raised for next year’s Town Meeting is for Mr. Sims to draft a handout as a resident communicating his concerns.

Employee phones – SB requests that Angela look into long distance call issue from Highway Department phones.

Minutes of Select Board Executive Session*
Date: March 7, 2019
Time entered into Executive Session: 7:51 pm; Time exited Executive Session: 8:36 pm

Attendees: Jay Jacobs, Jon Miner, Kathy Scott

The Select Board moved and voted unanimously in favor to seal the following minutes:*

Per RSA 91-A:3,II(a), the SB entered Executive Session at 7:51 pm to discuss personnel policies and procedures regarding the bank deposits of town funds as well as employee use of debit cards.

Following discussion, SB moved and unanimously voted in favor to consider that, in the future, only the Town Treasurer, or only a Deputy of the Town Treasurer, would make bank deposits. SB further moved and voted unanimously in favor to reconsider the policy and use of debit cards and to discuss the matter with the bank, auditor, Treasurer and Primex.

SB moved to exit executive session at 8:53 pm.

*At its regular meeting of March 28, 2019, the SB voted to unseal these minutes and include them as an addendum to the regular meeting minutes of March 7, 2019.