Harrisville Planning Board
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, February13, 2019

Members present– Ryan Stone Co-Chair, Lisa Anderson Co-Chair, Noel Greiner, Ned Hulbert, Courtney Cox, Don Scott alternate, Kathy Scott Selectboard alternate
Members absent– Jon Miner, Peter Thayer
Members of the public: Anne Howe, Scott Neary, Winston Sims, Wendy Pelletier

Voting members

Ryan Stone noted that the voting members included himself, Lisa Anderson, Ned Hulbert, Courtney Cox and Noel Greiner.

Noel Greiner moved to approve the agenda. Lisa Anderson seconded. All voted in favor.

Minutes of previous meeting
Mr. Greiner moved to approve the minutes of the January meeting as written. All voted in favor.

Proposed ordinance revisions
Lisa Anderson described how the proposed ordinance revisions will be presented to voters at Town Meeting. Voters will receive a one page ballot with the option to vote for or against each proposed amendment. Ms. Anderson noted that complete descriptions of the proposed amendments appear in the current issue of Common Threads, are available in hard copy at the Town Offices and library and are currently posted on the home page of the town website. In addition, hard copies will be included with the Town Report and available at Town Meeting.  Representatives from both the Broadband/Cell Committee and the Ordinance Revision Committee will be on hand during voting hours to answer any questions about the proposed tower ordinance and the additional zoning amendments.

Jaquith Road access
Members reiterated the desire to confirm communications protocol for notifying, and communicating with, Jaquith Road area residents in the event the O’Neil gravel pit needs to be accessed by town vehicles in the future. The PB will present a draft plan for presentation to the Select Board.

Capital Improvement Plan
Noting the PB’s unfilled need for a liaison to the SB on the CIP, Ryan Stone stated he would volunteer. Members reviewed that the CIP is the ongoing inventory of projected expenses and life expectancies of town vehicles, buildings and equipment and noted the board’s goal of remaining in touch with the SB on the CIP to ensure that Master Plan priorities that might arise are adequately considered. Members also briefly discussed how much involvement on the CIP the PB wants to have and should have based on statutes.

Winston Sims raised an issue about significant expenses potentially needed for extensive repairs to the privately owned Skatutakee Dam. He requested guidance on resources and was directed to Historic Harrisville, as well as to the state, for ideas about grants.

Welcome to Don Scott
PB welcomed Mr. Scott as a new alternate member, and Mr. Scott stated he looks forward to contributing to and working with the board in the coming years.

Master Plan: April meeting preparation
Given Ned Hulbert’s and her absence at next month’s meeting, Lisa Anderson remarked that the board will address the Master Plan at length at the April meeting. She reviewed the committee work to date that stemmed from the Master Plan, including BB/cell, transportation, regional cooperation, and housing and noted that the board will identify portions of the MP to focus on initially and beyond, in phases. She asked members to review the document on their own, in full, prior to the April meeting and to and identify portions they believe may need to be updated or revised. October 2014 is the current version. Anne Howe offered to help as a member of the public and submitted a handout for the board’s consideration from the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance, related to historic preservation, which is addressed on pp. 19-20 in the Master Plan.

PB Annual Review Process
As part of the board’s annual review process, Lisa Anderson asked members, also for discussion at the April meeting, to consider what they think has been going well, and, alternately, to consider ways that may strengthen how the board functions. Suggestions for future priorities are also encouraged.

Other business:
Ned Hulbert noted that NHMA is offering a webinar on Right to Know Laws on March 13, 2019 from 12-1pm. Webinars on additional relevant topics include the NH Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan and The Monadnock Alliance For Sustainable Transportation (MAST). Mr. Hulbert added that signage for the school zone is coming with possible crosswalks in future. The issue holding up the crosswalks involves DOT specifications for line of sight on the state road. The Transportation Committee continues to work with DOT and Safe Routes to School and is exploring a concept called “Community Compact Zones”, which may allow the DOT to work with Harrisville.

The PB then discussed ideas to foster more frequent communication with the Transportation Committee, formed as a subcommittee of the Planning Board but which includes numerous members who no longer serve on the PB. The TC, along with Broadband Committee, have regularly been updating the Select Board. One idea raised was to have minutes of the subcommittee meetings forwarded to PB co-chairs, who in turn could update PB members.

Kathy Scott noted that the Select Board’s Budget Hearing is continued to Thursday, February 21, at 7:00 pm.

Receipt of application for boundary line adjustment
The PB received an application for a boundary line adjustment for John and Carol Hoogstrate, 87 & 93 (Map 60 Lots 18 & 19). The application was submitted by Wendy Pelletier of Cardinal Surveying and Land Planning.  The PB will get back to the applicant within seven days as required and will conduct a completeness review prior to accepting any fees from the applicant.

Meeting adjourned at 8:16 pm.