The Historic District Commission of the Town of Harrisville held a public meeting on Wednesday, January 23, 2019 at the Harrisville Town Offices, 705 Chesham Road.

Members present
: Doug Walker, Kathy Scott, Noel Greiner, Tom Weller
Members absent: Scott Oliver
Members of the public: Anne Howe

Meeting opened at 7:03 pm.

Noel Greiner moved to approve the agenda with added detail. Tom Weller seconded. All voted in favor.

Minutes of October 24, 2018
Kathy Scott moved to approve as written. Noel Greiner seconded. All voted in favor with Mr. Weller abstaining given his absence.

HDC Budget for 2019
The HDC discussed a proposed budget for the coming year and what amounts might be needed for printing, training and educational workshops, as well as for possible outside expertise to update HDC regulations and the historic district section of the zoning ordinance.

Members discussed the options for printing informational material, and possibly photographs, for existing and new historic district homeowners. Kathy Scott noted that much of the history is available in the Historic Harrisville archives and that collaboration makes sense. Resident Anne Howe volunteered to continue her work with the NH Division of Historic Resources to update the surveys done on all the buildings on the National Register, to research what already exists, and to ascertain the HDC’s responsibilities and what NHDHR recommends. She noted that the National Register nomination forms from the 1980s contain details on these structures. Ms. Howe also will explore any funding, resource or grant options to help the HDC. Kathy Scott and Doug Walker will assist Ms. Howe in this project.

Following further comments by members about the budget process and anticipated expenses and activities for the upcoming year, Kathy Scott moved to approve a budget proposal of $500.00 for presentation to the Select Board and Town for 2019.  All voted in favor.

Updating HDC regulations
In its discussion of a process for modifying regulations, members noted that any proposed updates of the town zoning ordinances must go through Town Meeting, thereby requiring the year ahead for consideration and revision and possibly the input of a professional consultant. It was agreed that members themselves would review all existing commission regulations and guidelines first, and make its own recommendations, before engaging outside assistance. Anne Howe asked about design guidelines currently followed by the HDC, noting the Amherst, NH historic district regulations as an example of comprehensive standards. She also referred to the Historic Harrisville design guidelines for rehabilitating buildings as another resource.  Discussion continued about the enabling legislation included in the RSAs and which modifications to its regulations the HDC could adopt through a public hearing and which would require approval at Town Meeting. Kathy Scott will confirm the answer with NHMA.

HDC 2019-1 Application of Seth Kallman, Kadakit Street
Doug Walker updated commission members that, on December 14, 2018, Mr. Kallman filed an application to replace windows on his property within the historic district. Chairman Walker notified Mr. Kallman, via a letter dated December 20, of missing items needed to complete the application. Mr. Kallman also was informed that, per RSA 676:9, the clock for review of the application was therefore stopped. Subsequently, Mr. Walker received a letter from the applicant, dated December 26, supplying all the needed details of the proposed work, as well as photographs, thereby restarting the 45-day clock for HDC review. Though he requested a special meeting of the commission in early February to avoid additional costs, the applicant nevertheless, given his travel schedule, authorized the HDC to exceed the 45-day review period if a special meeting could not be convened prior to the regular February 27 meeting.

Members subsequently reviewed the formal timetable for applications. Mr. Walker confirmed that according to RSA 676:9, the 45-day clock begins the date an application is filed. Members also reviewed its own internal review process and how its application timeline could be formalized and streamlined in the manner of other land use boards. Members agreed to update the HDC application form accordingly.

Returning to the matter of a hearing of Mr. Kallman’s application, given the applicant’s authorization to the HDC to extend the review period and the HDC’s determination to maintain its regular meeting schedule,the board moved that the application for Seth Kallman will be heard at its regular February meeting scheduled for February 27. All voted in favor.

The meeting then adjourned 8:37 pm.