AGENDA                              Town of Harrisville, NH Board of Selectmen                                                                                                

SELECT BOARD FOR THURSDAY 1/17/2019;  Meeting: town office, 7 PM

Documents to sign or review:
Approval SB Meeting Minutes 1/10/2019
Updated DRA application forms – sign and review

Departments, Boards and Committees:
Conservation Commission – Harry Wolhandler regarding proposed Warrant Article

Planning Board –  7:00 pm – Lisa Anderson, Ryan Stone

Highway Department- Gas usage 2018
Mr. Gus Larandeau at 7:30 pm re: road prep update

Streetlights- update from Don Scott

Other Business:
Keene Sentinel article from town resident

Keene Sentinel article regarding Cheshire County Sherriff Department

NH DOT: Biennial Inspection of Bridges update

DOL wrap up with Inspector Perry

Update JLMC program

RFP Culvert Survey

Update on job descriptions

Budget Discussion:

Process, year-end, department needs, status 2018 and prep for 2019

Fix date for Budget Hearing, 7 pm on Thursday 2/14/19;

Any other business that may legally come before the board