Meeting Location: Town offices Date:  January 10,  2019
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm Meeting continued at 9:15 pm to 1:30 pm Thursday, January 11, 2019


Jay Jacobs, Chair  present
Jonathan Miner  present
 Kathleen Scott present

Members of the public: Andrea Hodson, Don Scott, Lisa Anderson, Barbara Watkins, Gus Larandeau

Documents signed or reviewed:
SB signed meeting minutes of December 27, 2018.

SB reviewed and signed agreement with Vachon Clukay & Company for upcoming audit.

Regarding NHDOT 2019 Nodal Reference Maps, SB stated it would discuss next week as no information was available.

Departments, Boards and Committees:
Code Enforcement Officer – SB noted building permit for 128 Chesham Road.

Conservation Commission – Kathy Scott updated the SB regarding the Conservation Commission’s proposed Warrant Article. SB asked that Draft Warrant Article be presented at next week’s meeting.

Fire Department – SB acknowledged receipt of 2018 incident report, noting that the Fire department responded to 126 calls for the year. SB thanks the Fire Department for its work.

Highway Department – SB discussed with Gus Larandeau of All-State Paving the existing contract for Hancock Road, postponed from last year and rescheduled for this spring. The agreed upon cost from last year is $6.20 per square yard for grinding and emulsion. All-State Paving will prepare and submit a new contract at the same price but including an additional section of approximately 1200 feet. As required, the contract is subject to approval of the 2019 budget at Town Meeting. Separately, the Road Agent and SB will obtain pricing and bids for paving in preparation for Warrant for Town Meeting.

Planning Board – Lisa Anderson attended to recommend Don Scott as Alternate Member to the PB. SB will consider further.

Other Business:
Inspector Perry from the DOL will be here Wednesday, January 16, at 9:00 am to discuss safety abatement issues. SB discussed names of current and potential Safety Committee members

Streetlight Committee – Andrea Hodson shared with the SB the committee’s draft report for the Annual Town Report. In addition, SB will review committee’s draft Warrant Article, which provides for the continuation of the streetlight committee’s work, for next week’s meeting. In addition, the committee asked if the SB would allot money in 2019 budget for refurbishment of remaining fixtures. SB recommended that the committee present its own Warrant Article seeking the funding.

2019 Town Budget – SB discussed upcoming budget review process and establishing priorities. Tentatively, the SB is considering scheduling the first budget hearing for Thursday, February 14.

Emergency Management – Jeff Cady met with SB to discuss his work to update emergency action plans related to dams and to note he had met with Historic Harrisville to discuss their updated plan. Group also discussed plan for Joint Loss Management committee. Mr. Cady anticipates holding the first safety committee meeting by the end of the month.

Upcoming Calendar:
January 1 – New Year’s Day (office closed)
January 21 – Martin Luther King Day (office closed)
February 1 – Audit Starts
March 12 – Town Meeting

Continued meeting (minutes submitted by Kathy Scott)
On Friday, January 11 at 1:45 pm, SB continued its meeting for a work session regarding job descriptions for town employees. In attendance with the SB were Mary Day Mordecai and Ned Hulbert. Meeting adjourned at 4:45 pm.