Harrisville Conservation Commission


Wednesday, January 2, 2019, 7:00 PM Town Offices)

Agenda Review

Approve Minutes of 12/5/2018 (10 min)

HCC Budget for Town Meeting 2019
– Same as 2018 – $1050

Harrisville Conservation Fund Ordinance Revision
“Warrant: To see if the town will elect to allow the Conservation Fund to be expended for all purposes permitted by NH RSA Chapter 36-A. Passing this article will remove the restrictive 2005 floor amendment that the Conservation Fund may only be used “for the purchase of land and or conservation easements and costs related their to”

[sic 2005 Town Meeting minutes].
– NHMA attorneys approved this language
-Handout & Common Threads article content:
– Restoring the original intent of the Conservation Funds would allow…

        1. Lake Host support / Weed watcher trainings for town –
        2. Publication purchase and distribution (e.g., Soak up the Rain)
        3. Research into conservation issues – e.g., wetlands catalogue
        4. Emergency response to aquatic invasives
        5. Planning and research for accommodating climate change

          NH State Wetlands Statue Revisions & HCC Reaction
          Review of proposed changes
          New PBN categories
          PBN timeframes for review
          Shoreland / Wetland – united applications

Amphibian Crossing Program
– Specific planning steps for March / April crossing patrol
– Partners – Wells Memorial, others?, Calendar, Lead person, Trainings * support needed

 Planning for Local Effects of Climate Change
– Role of HCC amid division of responsibilities across town government
– Research and planning activities to conduct in 2019

Aquatic Invasive Prevention (10 minutes)
– Boat inspection – Lake Host Program support in 2019
– Weed Watcher – town-wide trainings for boaters and lake hosts

Update on Easements
granted to HCC
– Jaquith Road –Conservation Easement to Harrisville, approx. 1998

 Reports on other town committees (5-10 minutes)
– Selectboard
– Planning Board
– Zoning Board of Adjustment

Other business