Select Board Agenda for 11/29/2018

Documents to sign or review:

Approval of the Select Board Meeting Minutes for November 15thand 23rd, 2018.

Sign Drawdown Schedule for 2019 Paid Holidays

Bidewee is subject to gates and bars – there is traffic going up and down the hill Monday and Tuesday (tracks are still present.)

A note regarding current use – posting current use/recreational properties is illegal and subject to penalties per state law. It has to have public access. How is this enforced when property-owners have done so? Current Use and recreational use are significant reductions in tax payments.

City of Keene– Sign Household Hazardous Waste Collection Project 2019-2020

Correspondence from John Cucchi regarding Harry Wolhandler Building Permit (forwarded to Mike Wilder)

Fernald, Taft, Falby & Little– Paperwork from Attorney Silas Little regarding a property in Harrisville

Departments, Boards, and Committees:

Assessing– Sign 2 Intents to Cut Wood or Timber for John Colony (Map-50 Lot-17).

Sign 2018 Equalization Municipal Assessment Data Certificate

Code Enforcement Officer – Sign Building Permit for David St. Lifer of 653 Tolman Pond Road.

Historic District Commission– HDC will be meeting the 4thWednesday of every month from now on.

Library– Budget for 2018

Planning Board– Meeting Minutes for November 14th, 2018

School Board– Agenda for Monday November 26, 2018

Trustees of Trust Funds – Sign Authorization in the amount of $55,000. From the Operating Account to the Capital Reserve Funds.

Zoning Board – Agenda for November 28th, 2018

Other Business:

Edmunds Associates – ERP Software Solutions Information

FEMA– Upcoming Risk Mapping, Assessment, and Planning   Discovery Meeting

Rymes Propane – Important Propane Safety Information

Keene Sentinel Article from Alan Saari regarding the Town of Richmond doing away with the Police Department for saving measures.

Southwestern Community Services – Requesting Funds in the amount of $824.00 for 2018-2019 Budget.

Upcoming Meetings:

December 20th– Senator Jay Kahn will meet with the Selectmen at 7:00pm

December 25th– Christmas Day