Select Board Agenda for November 8, 2018

Documents to sign or review:

Approval of the Select Board Meeting Minutes for November 1, 2018 & November 6, 2018.

Executive session meeting minutes needed from the Selectboard as soon as possible.

Allan Saari will like his comments from the Dam Hearing in the meeting minutes.

Departments, Boards and Committees:
Assessing– Sign Updated Current Use Application for Leandre Poisson

Historic Harrisville- UL LLC is contracted to perform a Field Evaluation for 69 Main Street.

Library – Susan is requesting to see if a plumber or someone else can come out to check the basement of the library to make sure it’s not flooding.

Library Trustees meeting minutes for October 17, 2018

Planning Board– Agenda for a Lot Line Adjustment for John Cucchi

Earth Excavation Permit for David and Ranae O’Neil

Recycling Center– Phyllis would like a yellow sign stating “dead end no trespassing” at the RC.

Phyllis inquired about bonding; Angela has already talked to Primex about it. She will follow up with DRA to provide the information for it.

Phyllis would like to know eventually if residents who buy decal stickers could pay with a specific card or pay in tax bills so no one has to deal with cash.  Also, the Town Clerk stated that decal charges could be applied to registration with a $1.00 fee attached for whatever the town decides. However it would apply to everyone, so if an individual did not want a decal, they would have to pay it up anyway. If you have any questions please feel free to talk with Patty.

Other Business:

Email regarding resources for senior citizens in New Hampshire

NH.GOV – New Field Representative for New Hampshire Homeland Security and Emergency Management

Public Works – Information regarding road safety audits

Upcoming Meetings:

November 15th– Ellen Avery from CVTC will meet with the Selectboard at 7:00pm.Request of Funds for 2019.
November 11th– Veterans Day
November 22nd, 23rd– Thanksgiving/Black Friday (Office Closed)
December 25th– Christmas Day (Office closed)