Meeting location: Town offices
Date: October 25, 2018
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Jonathan Miner, Kathleen Scott
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned: 9:45 pm

Members of the public: Andrew Maneval, Charles Sorenson, Carol Ogilvie, Ryan Stone, Lisa Anderson, Ned Hulbert, Charles Michal

Documents signed or reviewed:
SB signed financials in the amount of $138,115.70.

SB signed SB Meeting Minutes of October 18 and October 23, 2018.

Kathy Scott requested the following addenda to the October 18 minutes: 1) Kathy Scott will draft letter to state trooper Zachary Bernier, following up on his inquiry, stating that no written complaints are on file about an employee; and 2) The SB decision regarding office keys is status quo. Town Clerk will keep her keys and Selectboard Office staff will keep theirs.

Departments, Boards and Committees:
Assessing– SB signed Notice of Intent to Cut Wood or Timber for Noel Greiner and Christine Destremps of Hancock Road (Map 20-Lot 31).

Code Enforcement– SB acknowledged receipt of signed building permits for Jason and Stephanie Raynor of 3 Main Street and Douglas and Kelly Byam of 534 NH Route 137.

Highway Department– The Road Agent and SB discussed status of repairs to the Old Highway barn and other buildings. Road Agent and SB noted that they have everything repaired except housekeeping upstairs at the old facility, which is being worked on. In the few instances where repairs are not yet complete, SB noted the necessary materials have been purchased and repairs will be done within 30 days.

Planning Board– Members of the PB met with the SB to discuss issues surrounding Class VI roads, current regulations addressing subdivision and building permits for lots on such roads, and requirements for lot size and frontage. PB anticipates increased requests to subdivide and develop and requested clarification about jurisdiction over the application process. While looking to address the need for additional housing within the town, PB also seeks to maintain the town’s existing character and prevent overdevelopment. SB noted that the amount of land in conservation along these roads could act as a natural barrier for this concern.

Extensive discussion also involved the condition and existing status of the town’s Class V and Class VI roads and what differentiates the two. SB noted that it is the level of, and responsibility for, maintenance that separates the classifications. Roads that have not been maintained by the town for 5 consecutive years are defined as Class VI.

Regarding whether or not lots are buildable, SB noted the need for lots to meet criteria within steep slope and wetlands provisions of the zoning ordinance. SB also stated that the PB has jurisdiction over whether or not a lot meets these criteria, and that it is the property owner’s/seller’s/subdivider’s responsibility to perform due diligence on the criteria. Once the PB makes its determination, it is out of the PB’s hands as to future approvals or denials regarding building permits.

The town has an existing policy, adopted in 2015, regarding the issuance of building permits on Class VI and private roads which is available at Town Offices and also on the website. The group further discussed to what extent, now and in the future, the town wants to consider taking over the maintenance and ownership of some of these roads, whether via RSAs or Warrant Articles and whether or not the existing technical standards for road classification make sense.

The following suggestions were made: Offering better guidance to the public; upgrading the regulation document regarding rules for building permits; drafting of an ordinance or document within the PB purview clarifying buildability standards for lots both pre- and post-application process for subdivisions. It was noted that most towns do not address building on Class VI roads within their ordinances given the complicated issues surrounding it. The current Ordinance Revision Committee also could consider clarifying frontage and buildability requirements on Class VI roads.  Overall, it was agreed that the provisions currently in place are suitable for the town’s current needs and that conditions and waivers can be part of the decision-making process on applications. It was further suggested that language stating that approval of subdivisions does not necessarily guarantee the issuance of building permits can be added to application forms and materials.

Police Department– SB noted Police Chief’s concern regarding inaccurate numbering of two residences in 911 system, one on Island Street and one on Lloyd Lane. SB defers to Chief Driscoll’s recommendations for renumbering. SB requests 911 maps for next week’s meeting.Separately, Police Chief will post ‘Not an Exit’ sign at the police station building per DOL requirement.

Town Clerk– SB signed Wetlands Permit Application for George and Anne Colony of 14 Eastside Road.

Other Business:
Andrew Maneval met with SB to volunteer to serve as an Alternate on the Zoning Board. SB requests staff to draw up necessary paperwork.  Separately, Mr. Maneval, on behalf of the Trustees of the Friends of the Harrisville Fire Service, reported that the trustees will propose to the town a trust, with restrictions and possibly a 2-year timeframe, in the amount of $25,000 for the replacement of a fire vehicle. Given the lead time needed in the budget process, Mr. Maneval wanted to give the SB adequate notice. The SB sincerely thanked him for such a proposal and for the notification. Mr. Maneval noted that additional details will be forthcoming.

SB acknowledged receipt of the following: Health Trust’s notice of increase of 3.8% in cost of medical benefits for 2019; Eversource’s information on CR Staffing in its Western Region; 2017 bulletin on State Antibiogram and Implications for Antibiotic Prescribing.

SB requests a proposal from Wilcox & Barton, Inc. for a landfill monitoring program.

For the time being, Jay Jacobs will continue to tend to removal of rubbish at town office.

October 30 – Mr. Herrerra from the Federal Dept of Labor will be at town offices at 9:00 am.
November 1 – At 6:00 pm, Grace Levergood from the NH Dam Bureau will hold a public hearing/informational meeting on the Chesham Dam reconstruction project.
November 6 – General Election at Town Offices
November 15 – Ellen Avery from Community Volunteer Transportation Company will meet with the SB at 7pm.