Documents signed or reviewed:

Approval of the Select Board Meeting Minutes for October 9th and 11th2018

Discuss rubbish pickup and shoveling at town offices.

Departments, Boards, and Committees:

Assessing – Sign Notice of Intent To Cut for Noel Greiner and Christine Destremps of Hancock Road.

Code Enforcement Officer –Signed Building Permits for Jason and Stephanie Raynor of 3 Main Street and Douglas and Kelly Byam of 534 NH Route 137.

Emergency Management– Review Important Changes and add any updated information for Jeff Cady.

Historic District Commission– Meeting Minutes for September 4, 2018

Planning Board– Meeting Minutes for October 10, 2018

Town Clerk –Sign Wetlands Permit Application for G&A Colony 2003 Trust of 14 Eastside Road

Other Business:

Eversource-Street Light Repair Notice

CR Staffing in Western Region

Email Regarding the Harrisville Municipal Landfill

Health Trust – 2019 Medical Renewal Rates; September Recap; 2017 State Antibiogram & Implications for Antibiotic Prescribing

Upcoming Meetings:

October 25th– Chief Driscoll will meet with the Selectboard at 7:00pm.

October 25thPlanning Board Members Lisa Anderson, Ned Hulbert and Noel Greiner will meet with the Selectboard at 7:15 pm to discuss class 6 roads.

October 30thMr.Herrerra from Federal Department of Labor will be at the Town Office at 9:00am.

November 1stGrace Levergood from Dam Bureau will have a Public Hearing/Informational Meeting at 6:00pm regarding the Dam reconstruction project on Chesham Pond.

November 6th— General Elections at Town office

November 15th– Ellen Avery from CVTC will meet with the Selectboard at 7:00pm.