Meeting location: Town offices
Date: October 25, 2018
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Jonathan Miner, Kathleen Scott
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm. Meeting adjourned:

Members of the public: Jim Wilder

Documents signed or reviewed:
Select Board signed financials in the amount of $10,090.74.

SB approved SB Meeting Minutes of October 11, 2018.

SB reviewed correspondence from Silas Little confirming a motion was filed with the Court to replace the Tax Collector with the Town of Harrisville and a motion was filed to dismiss the case.

SB continues to follow up on the correspondence from Mr. Cucchi.

SB acknowledged receipt of the oil cleaning schedule and requests that the office staff keep the department heads apprised of the slot times.

SB agreed to the purchase of ten SWRPC 2019 Planning and Land Use Manuals at $10 per copy.

SB reviewed oil and fuel quotes for 2019. Jon Miner will follow up with office staff on billing process and, assuming no issues, SB will sign with Rymes for heating fuel.

SB acknowledged receipt of the tax bill for $753,292 from the Cheshire County Treasurer for the Town’s portion of the County tax, payable on December 17, 2018.

Departments, Boards and Committees:
SB is preparing agenda for Department Heads meeting on Tuesday, October 23, at 9:00 am.

Assessing – SB signed Notice of Intent to Cut for Noel Greiner for property Map 20-Lot 46.

Fire Department– SB agreed to forward to the DOL the request from the Fire Chief regarding pay schedule.

Health Officer – SB acknowledged receipt of Drinking Analysis Report.

Highway Department – SB noted the All-State Asphalt Appreciation Breakfast scheduled for Friday, October 26.

Library Trustees – SB acknowledged receipt of Meeting Minutes for September 19.

Planning Board – SB acknowledged receipt of Special Meeting Minutes for October 2.

Tax Collector – SB acknowledged receipt of correspondence regarding unpaid taxes.

Town Clerk – SB signed Certificate of Title for the new Highway dump truck; SB signed Election Warrant.

Other Business:
SB met with a prospective buyer of waterfront property that is an unbuildable lot. SB reviewed brief history of the property and cited information from the general provisions section of the current zoning ordinances related to what might be allowable. SB advised the prospective buyer to research the deed further and suggested he contact the Planning Board. SB also offered to explore the matter further.

As a follow-up to its October 9 meeting with Angela Hendrickson, SB requests that Angela suggest workable options for how she can meet with the SB one Thursday night each month.

SB will arrange for trash removal and snow shoveling for all buildings.

SB acknowledged receipt of information for NH towns regarding emerald ash borer.

SB acknowledged receipt of NHEDA annual member meeting for Friday, October 26.

November 6 – General Election at Town Offices
November 15 – Ellen Avery from CVTC will meet with the SB at 7 pm.