Select Board Agenda for 10/18/2018

Documents to sign or review:

Approval of the Select Board Meeting Minutes for 10-11-2018.

Review paperwork from Silas Little

Follow up discussion regarding John Cucchi

Review Oil Cleaning Schedule slots for all Departments

SWRPC – 2019 Planning and Land Use Regulation Manuals

2019 Budget Folder:(Review oil and fuel quotes)

Departments, Boards, and Committees:

Code Enforcement Officer – Signed Building Permit for Ellen Bernard of 33 Mason Road.

Fire Department –Request from Wayne regarding pay

Health Officer –Drinking Water Analysis Report

Highway Department –All State Asphalt – Appreciation breakfast on Friday October 26, 2018.

Library Trustees –Meeting Minutes for September 19th, 2018

Planning Board –Special Meeting Minutes for October 2nd2018

Public Notice for October 17th 2018

School Board– Notice of Special Meeting for Friday October 12th, 2018

Select Board – Make arrangements for trash removal of all buildings, and snow shoveling. Items upstairs (trash, file cabinets, etc..) need to be removed, also old cabinet in Angela’s office. Please note a reminder to all Boards that meeting notices should be posted at the Town Office and the Post Office. We have an individual that has brought this up a couple of times in regards to a couple land use board meetings.

Town Clerk – Sign Certificate of Title for the new Highway Dump Truck

Sign Election Warrant

Other Business:

Information regarding emerald ash borer for New Hampshire Towns

NH Bar Association Meeting Notice for October 17th2018

NHEDA Annual Member Meeting on Friday October 26th, 2018

Upcoming Meetings:
October 18th– Jim Wilder will meet with the Select board at 7:00pm.
October 23rd– Department Heads Meeting 9am
November 1stGrace Levergood from Dam Bureau will have a Public Hearing/Informational Meeting at 6:00pm regarding the Dam reconstruction project on Chesham Pond.
November 6th— General Elections at Town office (Lunch & Dinner)
November 15th– Ellen Avery from CVTC will meet with the Selectboard at 7:00pm.