The Harrisville Planning Board held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, September 12, 2018, at the town office building located on Chesham Road.

Members present: Lisa Anderson Co-Chair, Ryan Stone Co-Chair, Ned Hulbert, Jonathan Miner Selectman, Noel Greiner Alternate, Courtney Cox, Pete Thayer Alternate
Members of the public: Scott Stone, Nicole Stone, Jesse Huard, Carol Ogilvie, Don Scott, Winston Sims, Kathy Scott, Anne Howe

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.

Attendance and voting members

Mr. Stone stated that the voting members were himself, Jon Miner, Ned Hulbert, Pete Thayer and Noel Greiner.

Approval of agenda
Mr. Stone reviewed the agenda, noting that the matter of the boundary line adjustment of John and Anne Cucchi would be moved to next month’s meeting at the request of the applicants who were delayed in preparing paperwork. Mr. Stone also added a matter related to the O’Neil gravel pit, stating the O’Neil’s had requested to be put on the evening’s agenda. Noel Greiner moved to approve the revised agenda and Ned Hulbert seconded. All voted in favor.

Minutes of previous meeting 7/11/2018
Mr. Greiner moved to approve the minutes of the previous meeting.  All voted in favor.

Stone Subdivision – Conceptual Consultation con’t
Mr. Stone reviewed for the board the confirmation he received from the Select Board that Blood Hill Road remains classified as a Class VI road.  He also stated the Zoning Board reviewed the criteria necessary to receive a variance, in particular the conditions required to prove a hardship. Lisa Anderson then reviewed for Mr. Stone that, from the Planning Board’s review of information available from previous subdivision approvals on Class VI roads, counsel offered by the town attorney, and the regulations that bind the current PB, the previous approvals do not set a precedent for this board’s consideration of Mr. Stone’s proposal.
The board and the applicant proceeded to consider the language in the current ordinances related to subdivisions and frontage requirements, with the board, different board members, and the applicant differing on the interpretation. The focus of the discussion was the definition of frontage, on page 50 of the March 2017 Zoning Ordinances, and the requirements outlined in the subdivision regulations. The definition of Frontage appears as follows: FRONTAGE: The length of the lot bordering on a publicly approved road; a Class VI highway or private road, either of which appears on a subdivision plat approved by the planning board; or a body of water.

Mr. Stone stated he believes there is nothing in the ordinance prohibiting subdivision on a Class VI road and Ms. Anderson stating the language requires subdivision to be on a Class V or better road. Mr. Hulbert added that approval with municipal waivers and conditions was a possibility. The PB explained as well Mr. Stone’s ability to apply to the ZBA for a variance or to apply using the Conservation Subdivision Ordinance. Mr. Stone disagreed that the option afforded by the latter was a viable or logical one.  The board reiterated that each application is considered on its own merits and discussed further the examples of subdivisions on Class VI roads previously approved, including Seaver Silver Lake Land Trust, fronting Wells Lake Road, and Deborah Abbott’s subdivision fronting Bidewee and Heath Roads.  The board recommended to Mr. Stone that he submit his application to the PB so that the specifics of his proposal can be reviewed and discussed in detail. The board added that, should the application be denied, Mr. Stone could pursue the process with the ZBA. Mr. Stone agreed that is how he would proceed.

Ordinance Review Committee update: Special PB Meeting, Tues, Oct 2, Town Offices, 7-9pm
Lisa Anderson shared with the PB the Ordinance Committee’s memo outlining its eleven priority areas, five of which it believes could be reasonably proposed for town meeting in 2019 and six areas which it suggests waiting to move on until next year for the 2020 town meeting or beyond. The immediate priorities include: Article V addressing non-conforming uses, lots and structures; home occupations and home-based businesses; the Definitions section; language related to impervious cover; and a proposed broadband ordinance. Longer term projects include clarifying rules for lots spanning two districts, expanding opportunities for agriculture, wetlands setbacks, district setbacks and road frontage requirements, the conservation subdivision ordinance, and private solar initiatives. The committee will present specific proposals to the PB at its Special Meeting on Tuesday, October 2.

Winston Sims referenced the initiative by DES in Concord to revise the NH wetlands regulations. THE DES will have five public input sessions throughout the state. Carol Ogilvie stated the committee feels it’s better to wait to propose any modifications to the Harrisville wetland ordinances, allowing time for the state to finish its work and the committee to revisit the issue next year. All agreed this makes sense.

In addition, the PB discussed drafting an article for Common Threads, before the September 20 deadline, announcing the current work of the Ordinance Committee and encouraging public engagement and feedback through a Community Conversation, potentially to be scheduled for October 29, and ongoing public meetings of the board and committee.

Cell/Broadband committee: brief review of draft tower ordinance to be presented Oct 2
     Ned Hulbert shared the broadband committee’s proposed language for review before the October 2 Special Meeting. Carol Ogilvie reviewed the highlights of the proposal, noting that the new language allows for location of facilities in different locations from locations allowed in the existing ordinances, because facilities in the currently allowed locations would not work. The proposed language also differentiates between types of equipment and standards required, as different equipment has different spatial requirements and visual impacts. The proposed draft also does away with the need for a Special Exception from the ZBA, streamlining the review process to the need for a Conditional Use Permit or necessary waivers from the PB. The final difference includes requirements for what the committee calls “Performance Standards”, dealing with visual impact, noise and safety requirements related to equipment installation. Further discussion on this proposed ordinance will occur on October 2.

Streetlight Committee update
Ryan Stone summarized the recent progress of the committee and Eversource’s repair of the nearly 20 non-functioning lights using incandescent bulbs. Additional outstanding issues will be discussed with the SB. Regarding the Community Conversation on September 24 at the Mill Building at 7:00 pm, the PB will help with some logistics.

Hillsborough Aggregates: final Reclamation Plan
Ryan Stone noted that HA made the requested changes and submitted their final plan. The PB had no further questions.

Honorary Luncheon for past members: Sunday, October 7, 12-2
Ned Hulbert will get in touch with attendees the week before to discuss details.

Potential new members to PB – process
The board discussed the process for proposing candidates and the role of the Select Board in the process, emphasizing that, for any interested candidates, the best first step is to attend a few PB meetings.

Fall NHMA workshops
     Members reviewed dates for upcoming workshops, including PB Fundamentals on Sept 26, How to Read a Survey Plan on Oct 3 and one on Solar Energy on Oct 10. Ned Hulbert reminded the board that Angela can help with registration.

Meeting adjourned at 8:43 pm.