Meeting location: Town offices
Date: September 6, 2018
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Jonathan Miner, Kathleen Scott
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 9:08 pm

Members of the public: Don Scott, Jeff Cady, Erik Anderson, Cody Cox, Courtney Cox, Barbara Watkins, Ray Jorgenson, Susan Brown, Anne Howe, Alison Weber, Steve Weber

Documents signed or reviewed:

SB approved SB Meeting Minutes of August 30, 2018.

SB reviewed and signed GMP renewal application from Golder Associates.

SB acknowledged receipt of NHDOS (Department of Labor) Assessment of Civil Penalty. Town has 30 days from August 30 to pay an assessed penalty of $500.00 for one violation pertaining to RSA 281-A:64 II, no Written Safety and Health, and one violation of RSA 281-A:64 III, no Establishment of a Joint Loss Management Committee.

Departments, Boards and Committees:
Assessing – SB signed application for current use for Chris and Lisa Stewart of Route 137.

Code Enforcement Officer – SB noted approved and signed building permits for Carolyn Sturgis of 95 South Road, Lance Levesque of Wilderness Trail and Elegant Settings for Aldworth Manor.

Highway Department –  Road Agent reported to SB that portions of Hancock Road damaged in storm will be ground up at a cost of $5,500. It will require 5,000 square yards of material and the town will grade at a date to be determined.  Road Agent also noted that Grimes Hill is passable and that the Skatutakee Road culvert was replaced. Department will be working on Lampman Road on Monday, September 10.

Planning Board – The zoning ordinance subcommittee submitted proposed language to amend and clarify the home occupation and home based business provision of the current ordinances. The committee is working on this and other sections of the ordinance for presentation at Town Meeting.

Tax Collector – SB discussed the certified letter from Thomas Carroll regarding a Lien Notification for the property at 124 Brown Road. Kathy Scott will draft a response letter for SB to send to the resident in support of the Tax Collector’s position.

Other Business:
Recycling – Residents attended to express concern about changes at the Recycling Center and if there will be any public input moving forward.  One resident noted the town and townspeople have 30 years invested in it. SB explained the reasons for changes, partly the result of the loss of one full time employee and the inability to replace him. SB also explained that only plastics #1 and 2 are being accepted because there no longer is a market for plastics 3-7 but that nothing is changing regarding glass, paper, cardboard and metal. Kathy Scott explained the information provided by the NRRA at its recent presentation to RC employees and noted that Harrisville remains a dual stream system. She explained that contamination in materials is one reason the market for recyclables is way down and that many factors are out of the town’s control. SB shared the following link to a noteworthy article in the Union Leader article from April of this year. The headline was “Wishful Recycling Mucks the Works by Shawne K. Wickham, April 21, 2018–20180422

SB also mentioned that the one year trial period with Monadnock Disposal Services is coming to an end and SB has decided to continue the 5-year contract.  Jay Jacobs also explained that, over the years, the town has received less and less revenue while the cost of disposing and handling has consistently increased and, that even at the highest revenue level, the town never broke even. The goal has always been to reduce costs and reduce stress on employees. Finally, SB noted the situation is fluid but, at the moment, SB doesn’t foresee returning to the old system. The town, however, will keep its equipment.

Storm damage / road repair – A resident asked the SB about an overall plan for road repair.  SB explained how it determines priorities for road repairs, that it’s a collaborative process with the Highway Department and is largely based on the amount of road usage by townspeople. The Hancock Road project has been delayed because of the effect of this summer’s weather on the schedule.

Street lights – Don Scott reported that the non-functioning lights have been replaced with incandescent bulbs and submitted an update from the committee and Eversource. He noted that at some point these lights could be converted to LEDs. Two SB members stated their position that, based on the information Eversource had previously provided the town, and based on the rate plan the town has with Eversource, the company should bear the cost of replacing the bulbs. One SB member disagreed. All lights are currently working.

Old Fire Station – SB agreed on paint color for old Fire Station.

CIP – SB discussed setting a date to review the Capital Improvement Plan for the town. Regarding involvement of the Planning Board, Jay Jacobs explained that, after consideration, PB had stated it would prefer to be involved but to let SB take lead. SB agreed it would discuss more at length closer to budget cycle.

Emergency Management Director Position – Jeff Cady discussed Emergency Management Director Position and potential responsibilities with SB and noted his interest and qualifications. Mr. Cady expressed his interest in reviewing the plan w/employees so they understand safety measures and risks associated with not following certain procedures. The position would involve an annual base salary of $2K and an hourly rate during emergencies. Group also discussed the possible dovetailing of handling ongoing safety matters or whether should be separate. SB opted to discuss internal department safety separately. SB moved to approve nomination of Jeff Cady as EMD. All voted in favor. Mr. Cady will contact State regarding paperwork requirements.

Other Business:
Regarding pricing options from Rymes, SB requests that Angela solicit bids from local fuel companies interested in submitting them.

SB requests that Angela ask Department Heads to let her know as soon as possible what furniture they may need, or need to replace, in light of the office furniture available at no cost from a company in Keene.

SB acknowledged receipt of NHDES Groundwater Notification Program.

SB acknowledged receipt of NHDOT approval of request to establish a reduced speed school zone on Chesham Road.

September 11 – Primary Election at Town Offices
October 2 – Special Meeting of the Planning Board to discuss proposed revisions to zoning ordinance.
November 6 – General Election at Town Offices