Select Board Meeting Agenda for 9-6-2018

Documents to sign or review:

Approval of the Select Board Meeting Minutes for August 30, 2018

Set a date for discussion regarding CIP

Golder – Review and sign new GMP Renewal Application

NH DOS– Assessment of Civil Penalty

Discuss getting rid of the stuff up stairs

Departments, Boards, and Committees:

Code Enforcement Officer – Approved and signed building permits for Carolyn Sturgis (95 South Road), Lance Levesque (Wilderness Trail), Elegant Settings

Conservation Commission– Agenda for Wednesday September 5th

Tax Collector– Certified Letter received from Thomas Carroll regarding Lien Notification for the property located on 124 Brown Road.

Zoning Ordinance Committee – Four examples of zoning provisions dealing with home occupations and home based businesses.

Other Business

NH DES– Groundwater Contamination Notification Program

NH DOT- Request to establish a reduced speed school zone on Chesham road is approved.

Rymes – 2018-2019 Pricing Options

Public Input:

Upcoming Meetings

September 6thJeff Cady will meet with the Selectboard at 7:00pm to discuss emergency management position.

September 11th— Primary Elections at Town Office

October 2nd – Ordinance Revision work group will meet with Planning Board  for a special progress meeting.
November 6th— General Elections at Town office