The Historic District Commission of the Town of Harrisville held a public meeting on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at the Harrisville Town Offices, 705 Chesham Road, beginning at 6:30 PM.

Members present
: Doug Walker, Kathy Scott, Tom Weller, Noel Greiner
Members absent: Scott Oliver
Members of the public: Erin Hammerstedt, representing Historic Harrisville as applicant


Doug Walker opened the meeting at 6:34 pm.


Mr. Walker reviewed the agenda, after which there was a motion and unanimous vote to approve.


Meeting Minutes of 6/27/2018
Members then discussed the meeting minutes of June 27, 2018. Noel Greiner moved to approve. Seconded by Kathy Scott. All voted in favor.

Application by Lida Stinchfield of 5 School Street – Consideration of waiver of public hearing
The board considered the application of Ms. Stinchfield to replace the wooden steps at the entrance to her home with granite steps. At issue was whether the board would consider waiving the requirement for a public hearing and notification of abutters in light of the following language on its application form, read aloud by Mr. Walker:

The Harrisville Historic District will allow certain modifications to a registered Historic District home without pursuing a formal board meeting and abutter notification process when the following conditions are met:
     those modifications or additions do not alter the historic character of the building or structure;
     replacement of building materials with similar products in composition and appearance;
     the application of modern utilities such as propane tanks or satellite reception dishes providing that their location does not significantly impact the historical character of the structure or home when these attachments can be viewed by the general public.

The board, during discussion of the proposal, determined that the three wooden steps appear recently added and not part of the original structure and that granite steps would be more in keeping with the historic characteristics of similar structures on the street and elsewhere in the historic district. The dimensions of the two granite steps will be 7 ½ x 14” and 7 1/2 x 53”.

Noel Greiner subsequently moved to accept the application and grant the waiver to the applicant, for further review by the Building Inspector. Tom Weller seconded. The board voted unanimously in favor. Mr. Walker then signed the application.

Historic Harrisville, 50 Main Street, The Allen Studio
Erin Hammerstedt described for the board the change from a rolled roof to an asphalt roof and the lime-washing of the exterior in a light green color to blend the Allen Studio in with the structure’s surrounding vegetation. She also described interior rehabilitation measures. Upon further consideration of the details of the proposal, the HDC found the application met the above-outlined conditions for a waiver of a public hearing and abutter notification process. Tom Weller moved to grant the waiver. Noel Greiner seconded. The board voted unanimously in favor.  Doug Walker stated he would discuss with Angela Hendrickson reimbursement to HHI for already cashed checks for abutter notification.

Regularly scheduled meetings of the HDC
The board voted unanimously in favor to hold regularly scheduled meetings at the town offices on the fourth Wednesday of every month. In the event that no business is on the agenda, the HDC reserves the right to cancel the meeting. The next meeting of the HDC is Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:15 pm.