Documents to sign or review:

-Select Board Meeting Minutes for August 23rdand Special Meeting Minutes for Tuesday August 21, 2018.

DOL Update

Review Auditors Report

Departments, Boards, and Committees:

Assessing – Sign Notice of Intent to Cut Wood or Timber for Timothy and Cynthia Barry of Route 137.

Planning Board– Meeting Minutes for August 8, 2018

Town Clerk – Correspondence from Phil St. Cyr of Primex regarding security concerns.

Other Business:
Primex – Regarding the storm last week, Primex stated that we could file a claim for our roads and receive up to $50,000. This is in the event that we do not qualify for  State or federal assistance. Angela is inquiring with Primex to see if there will be any additional cost regarding Liability for the 2019 year.

MCVP– Requesting $20.00 to support the services

 NHMA– Upcoming Classes for 2018/2019;  Legislative Bulletin

 American Red Cross – Requesting appropriation for 500.00

 Eversource – Sale of New Hampshire Hydroelectric Facilities News Release

The trash upstairs needs to be removed from upstairs so the partitions can be moved downstairs for elections. Also, we need a dolly to remove the cabinets in the conference room  Alexis will take care of the old computers, and we need to remove Christmas items  to the Recycling Center.

Regarding NH DOL, Detective Olson will be in tomorrow morning to finish our findings and give a report. Is there anyone who would like to attend?

EMD Discussion

Thank You to town employees

Discussion on town buildings

Public Input:

Upcoming Meetings
September 3 – Labor Day (Offices closed)
September 5thKathleen McNally of Cheshire Coalition will meet with the Selectboard at 7:00pm.
September 11th— Primary Elections at Town Office
November 6th— General Election’s at Town office