Meeting location: Town offices
Date: August 23, 2018
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Jonathan Miner, Kathleen Scott
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 9:22 pm

Members of the public: Les LaMois, Andrea Hodson, Doug Walker, Don Scott, Lisa Anderson, Charles Michal

Documents signed or reviewed:

SB approved SB Meeting Minutes of August 16, 2018.

SB signed application for Golder Groundwater Management Permit.

Departments, Boards and Committees:
Code Enforcement – SB signed Wetlands Application for David Tomaszewski of 22 Tuttle Lane.

Health Officer – David Belknap posted that he is awaiting the results of water quality tests following the storm. Fire and Police Chiefs were notified. At this time, the spring is closed.

Highway Department – The SB thanks the Highway Department, Fire Department and Police Department for their tremendous work repairing town roads and keeping residents safe following Friday’s storm. SB also noted that no money is coming from the state for storm damage. SB’s preliminary estimate is a cost of $34,000, including overtime labor for highway and emergency services personnel. Question was discussed whether the SB38 Highway Block Grant could be allocated to road repair. SB asks Angela Hendrickson to please pull the paperwork.

Separately, the Road Agent noted that Grimes Hill Road is still closed and the SB noted that Hancock Road repaving project will be postponed to 2019 due to weather and scheduling issues.

Historic District Commission – At 7:15 pm, under RSA 91-A:3, at the request of a town official, SB moved to enter non-public session to discuss personnel and procedural matters related to the 3 Main Street application. All voted in favor. Issues including HDC board actions, decisions and procedures were discussed and all agreed assistance from Charles Sorenson would be sought to address problem areas. At 7:43 pm, Jon Miner moved to exit non-public session. Kathy Scott seconded. All voted in favor.

Ordinance Committee – SB noted Meeting Minutes for August 13.

Planning Board – SB noted Meeting Minutes for August 8.

Recycling Center – SB confirmed that MDS and their third party recycling partner are no longer taking plastics #3 through #7 as currently there is no market for these products.  It is requested that residents dispose of these higher numbered plastics with their general trash.

Streetlight Committee – Andrea Hodson, representing the committee, updated the SB about the committee’s upcoming work to prepare its interim progress report per the Warrant Article. Ms. Hodson asked the SB its expectations for the report’s contents. SB requests that it include a discussion of the work to date, decisions made, and actions taken, including where Eversource stands, as well as the committee’s proposal for moving forward.  Ms. Hodson noted that a Community Conversation on the Streetlight Committee’s work will be held on Tuesday, September 24, and all agreed relevant information from that gathering should also be included.  Ms. Hodson asked if there was money in the 2018 budget allocated for the current work on the lights. SB responded that the only money earmarked is for powering them. The question remains whether Eversource will cover the cost of replacement bulbs. The streetlight committee also asked if the best way to secure funding is through a Warrant Article or by requesting it as a town budget item, noting the cost to refurbish each light is $250. SB requested that an estimate for total work should be included in the committee’s report.


Other Business:
SB acknowledged receipt of the following: SWRPC’s NH 2021-2030 Ten Year Plan Transportation Improvement Projects, Employment Law 2018 Comprehensive Guide,
Third Party Administrators Newsletter regarding 401K. SB requests that CASA’s request for an appropriation of $500.00 be added to the budget file.

Charles Michal asked if Church Street was in the plan for road regrading to channel runoff to the catch basin. He also reiterated his request to rent the old highway barn for auto repair work. SB noted that Church Street remains on the list of future road work projects and also reiterated its feeling that renting the old highway barn presents potential security concerns. It will continue to consider the matter.

Kathy Scott asked if Angela could please order her a copy of Knowing the Territory: A Survey of Municipal Law for NH Local Officials (NHMA 2018).

September 5 – Kathleen McNally of Cheshire Coalition will meet with the Select Board at 7:00.
September 11 – Primary Election at Town Offices
November 6 – General Election at Town Offices