The Harrisville Planning Board held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, August 8, 2018, at the town office building located on Chesham Road.

Members present: Ned Hulbert, Ryan Stone, Jonathan Miner Selectman, Noel Greiner Alternate, Courtney Cox, Pete Thayer Alternate
Members absent: Lisa Marie Anderson, Craig Thompson Alternate
Members of the public and town officials: George Lowrey, Bonnie Lowrey, Winston Sims, Scott Stone, Nikole Stone, Anne Cucchi, Seth Farmer, Don Scott, Kathy Scott

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.

Attendance and voting members

Mr. Stone stated that the voting members were Ned Hulbert, himself, Noel Greiner, Jon Miner and Pete Thayer.

Approval of agenda
Mr. Stone then reviewed the agenda. All vote in favor.

Minutes of previous meeting 7/11/2018
Mr. Greiner moved to approve. Courtney Cox seconded. All voted in favor.

Minutes of 8/4/2018
The three board chairs met to prepare the agenda for the regular meeting. Mr. Greiner moved to approve the minutes prepared by Mr. Hulbert. Mr. Miner seconded. All voted in favor.

Voluntary Merger Application of George and Bonnie Lowrey, Skatutakee Road, Map 30-Lots 32-2 and 32-3
Mr. Hulbert stated that, under RSA674-39A, the Planning Board is required to approve voluntary mergers as long as the ownership of the lots is proven to the board. The Lowreys demonstrated such ownership and it was recommended that the board approve the application. Mr. Lowrey explained the history of the purchase of the lots and that, together, they total an acre and a half. One of the lots, purchased through a Town Warrant, has a building restriction, which was in keeping with the Lowreys’ interests. Noel Greiner subsequently moved to approve the voluntary merger application. Pete Thayer seconded. The board voted unanimously in favor.Mr. Thayer will submit the paperwork to the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds.

Boundary Line Adjustment and subdivision application: Receive paperwork from John and Anne Cucchi
Anne Cucchi submitted paperwork and application fees for a boundary line adjustment and subdivision applications. Jon Miner and Courtney Cox will review the applications for completeness and notify the co-chairs of their determination, after which Mr. Stone will notify the applicants. In addition, the board will confirm the list of abutters that need to be noticed. Ms. Cucchi will submit two additional copies of the plat to the town offices for the board’s files.  If the paperwork for the applications is complete, the Cucchis will present their proposal at the PB’s September meeting. Mr. Greiner will recuse himself from all related proceedings.

Stone Subdivision: Conceptual Consultation continued
Ned Hulbert reviewed the five action items agreed upon at the last meeting: 1) Mr. Stone would confirm with the Select Board the classification of Blood Hill Road as a Class VI road, which was confirmed; 2) Mr. Stone would check with the ZBA about the need and/or procedure for a Variance. The ZBA confirmed the requirements for a Variance, including the requirements for proving the hardship criteria, and that Mr. Stone would require a Variance should the PB require a review of Mr. Stone’s proposal by the ZBA; 3) Research by both board members and Mr. Stone into the history of the property and adjacent property, information on which awaits Ms. Anderson’s return; 4) Mr. Stone’s citations of examples of previously approved subdivisions on Class VI roads, which the PB looked into, including Seaver Silver Lake Land Trust on Wells Lake Road; Deborah Abbott’s subdivision on Heath Road; and Noel Greiner’s subdivision. Given the board members’ competing schedules, Mr. Hulbert noted that more time is needed to review the three examples and will get back to Mr. Stone. Mr. Hulbert proposed continuing the Conceptual Consultation for, hopefully, a final meeting, in September.
Mr. Stone then shared his research of the Froy property, previously owned by Mr. Stone’s grandmother who subdivided the land in 1985. Mr. Stone showed the lot and related frontage to the board as they related to the three parcels in Mr. Stone’s subdivision proposal. Mr. Stone noted that the frontage on Blood Hill Road is 415’ and that it’s 230’ on Silver Road.
Mr. Stone additionally confirmed that he would be requesting certain waivers given uncertainty regarding location of structures or likelihood of construction at all for the foreseeable future ; for example, waivers related to requirements for test pit and percolation results, high intensity soil survey, sewage, surface drainage, etc., all of which would be provided in any future application for a building permit. The board confirmed that the proper radius for abutter notification would be confirmed. Mr. Stone hopes to have a proper plat prepared by November with the hope of beginning formal proceedings then and, in the meantime, will return for further Conceptual Consultation with the board.

Ordinance Review Committee update
Subcommittee members updated the board on priorities being addressed. These include proposed changes to: 1) Article V Nonconforming Uses, Lots and Structures; 2) the home based-business and home occupation provisions; 3) language related to impervious cover and decks; 4) the Definitions section; and 5) setback requirements in wetlands areas.  Separately, Mr. Hulbert confirmed that Carol Ogilvie has met twice with the Broadband Committee and has drafted language for a tower ordinance, which the committee hopes to bring before the PB at a special meeting in early October. This meeting would focus solely on proposed amendments to the ordinances.  The subcommittee will get back to the PB chairs on whether or not and October 1 or October 2 date is possible to present its recommendations in a specific draft proposal.

Streetlight Committee on September Community Conversation: Seth Farmer
Seth Farmer met with the PB to discuss the Streetlight Committee’s proposal for an upcoming Community Conversation to present a progress report on its findings and recommendations. A report is due to the town by the end of September, according to the 2018 Warrant Article. Mr. Farmer stated he understands what is expected of the presenters, based on his meeting with Mr. Hulbert and having attended all the well-organized and well-run Community Conversation gatherings held to date.  Mr. Farmer requested September 24 or September 25, dependent on conflicts. Mr. Hulbert suggested, if the Streetlight Committee has a couple of paths they are considering, they may want some input through roundtable-type discussions but, given the committee’s work and research to date, Mr. Hulbert acknowledged that, at the Community Conversation, the committee is the subject expert. Mr. Farmer noted that the path the committee has been on is pursuit with Eversource to maintain the existing streetlights. Mr. Hulbert suggested Mr. Farmer meet with the co-chairs for any logistical support needed.
Ryan Stone added that the Streetlight Committee has a meeting on Friday, August 10, with Eversource to assess the condition of the inventory of radial wave lights in the town barn and for additional discussion. A follow-up meeting with the Select Board is hoped for on August 16 to discuss a non-binding agreement. Kathy Scott confirmed that specific locations for lights have not yet been discussed and that the conversations with Eversource have focused solely on whether or not the existing lights can be repaired and maintained. PB members were unsure if the report at the Community Conversation qualified as the progress report owed to the town according to the Warrant Article but, if necessary, it provided enough time for the committee to report to the SB at its last meeting in September.

Luncheon Plan for Past PB Members: Sunday, October 7, 12-2
Mr. Hulbert will email an invitation to past member honorees and confirm the date and time with current members.

Potential new PB members
Mr. Hulbert reviewed the steps typically taken to recruit potential candidates and members are asked to invite potential candidates to an upcoming meeting.

NHMA Workshops All in Keene, 7-9, on dates below
Fees are covered in the PB budget.Jon Miner and Ryan Stone will attend on September 26. Courtney Cox and Pete Thayer will attend October 3. Ned Hulbert will attend on October 10.

New Co-Chairs in September

Ryan Stone and Lisa Anderson will assume the Co-Chair positions as Ned Hulbert steps down as Co-Chair to become a regular member.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.