Harrisville Conservation Commission


Wednesday, August 15, 2018, 7:00 PM Town Offices

  1. Agenda


  1. Minutes– review & approval – 6/6/2018 (5 minutes­)
  2. Corrections and clarifications requested by presenter Wendy White, Dublin Conservation Commission
  3. Motion to replace original minutes with corrected version to ensure that only accurate information is available on town website


  1. Invasive Species – Japanese Knotweed Management(1 hour)
  2. Jeffrey Taylor, Taylor Tree People, licensed in NH, VT and ME
    Expert on all vegetation management methods,
    Responsible for community-wide knotweed removal programs in Dublin, Falmouth ME and elsewhere
    Member of Richmond Conservation Commission for 37 years, Chair for 30 years

    1. Impacts of knotweed on native vegetation and animal species
    2. Community-wide native habitat restoration programs & level of success of knotweed management efforts in New England
  • Success of various knotweed remediation methods
  1. Choice of herbicides / application methods to safeguard public health
  2. Vegetation management expectations over time – costs / efforts required for mobilization


  1. Wetland Beach Permit– David Tomaszewski & Jessica Zander, 22 Tuttle Lane (10 minutes)
  2. Wetlands Setbacks – Request by Ordinance Revision Committee – HCC review and guidance (10 minutes
  3. Current Ordinance: 12.3.3. Special provisions:No septic tank or leach field may be located closer than one hundred (100) feet to any designated wetland.
  4. Preliminary discussion of setback ordinances regarding setbacks for new construction
  5. September meeting: Review of other community ordinances and recommendations to ORC
  6. Other issues for ORC consideration: groundwater protection? hazardous materials management?


  1. Lead Sinker Collection at Transfer Station – Wings of Dawn offer (5 minutes)
  2. Free collection box from Wings of Dawn ($40 value, metal with lock) to place at Transfer Station
  3. Lake host & ramp lead awareness efforts – request to Lake Host Point People


  1. Interest in HCC involvement in Transfer Station Recycling Program (5 minutes)d


  1. Old Business: (10 minutes for quick action / rescheduling)
  2. HCC Minutes – acceptable level of detail (clarification requested by Winston Sims)
  3. Community Conversations
    1. Community-wide Knotweed removal
    2. Easing Conservation Fund limitations
  • Watersheds
  1. Request to repopulate H’ville with Elm trees & chestnut trees
  2. Hazardous materials management


  1. Other business (5 minutes)
  2. Save the date: November NH ACC Conference on Sat., Nov 3rd