Agenda of the Select Board (Work session only)
July 26, 2018

Documents to sign or review:
Approval of the Select Board Meeting Minutes for July 19, 2018

Letter from Department of the Interior regarding PILT payment in the amount of $491.00

Departments, Boards, and Committees:

Code Enforcement Officer – Approved Building Permits for Historic Harrisville, John Manning, and Aldworth Manor, Max & Connie Boyd, Sarah Heffron

HDC– Letter from Historic Harrisville regarding the Raynor property;
Selectboard will reach out to Doug Walker after August 2 to discuss the HDC procedures for the Raynor Application.

Health Officer – Test Results for Harrisville Pond and Russell Reservoir.

Police Department – Pricing for Speed Signs from Elan City

Trustees of the Trust Funds– NH PDIP Investment Rates and Benefits

Zoning Board– Public Hearing for Wednesday August 1, 2018 at 7:00pm

Other Business:

Public Input:

Upcoming Meetings:
July 28th–Pond Association,10am-12pm
September 11th— Primary Elections at Town Office (Lunch & Dinner)
November 6th–General Election’s at Town office (Lunch & Dinner)