The Harrisville Planning Board held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, at the town office building located on Chesham Road.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.

Members present: Ned Hulbert, Ryan Stone, Jonathan Miner Selectman, Noel Greiner Alternate, Lisa Marie Anderson, Courtney Cox
Members absent: Craig Thompson Alternate, Pete Thayer Alternate
Members of the public and town officials: Winston Sims, Scott Stone

Attendance and voting members
     Ryan Stone stated that the voting members present were himself, Ned Hulbert, Lisa Anderson, Courtney Cox and Jonathan Miner.

Approval of agenda
All voted in favor to approve the agenda.

Minutes of previous meeting 6/13
All voted in favor to approve the minutes of the previous meeting as written.

Ordinance Review Committee
Lisa Anderson updated the board on the progress at that previous ordinance subcommittee meeting. She noted that Charlie Sorenson provided a synopsis of recurring issues faced by the ZBA over the past decade and raised key questions about what should be addressed; Carol Ogilvie highlighted how the existing ordinances are in alignment with the Master Plan priorities and how and where changes could be proposed; and the group discussed the Definitions section and, on balance, believed it should be consolidated into one section except for key technical terms specific to certain articles. Ms. Anderson noted that, at the next PB meeting, the Ordinance Review Committee will share its goals for proposed changes this year.

Community Conversation of 6/19
     Ned Hulbert recapped the event focused on improved broadband/cell service in town, discussion which he believed showed overwhelming support to amend the ordinance to accommodate the necessary infrastructure to achieve this.  He added that the Broadband Committee is working to develop an ordinance and will consider proposed language from Carol Ogilvie at its late July meeting. Attendees asked to see a draft ordinance well in advance of the public hearing held prior to town meeting to present it. Attendees also showed interest in a balloon test atop a crane that would simulate the presence of a tower. The Broadband Committee expects to be back to the PB in September or October with an update.

Street Light Committee update
Ryan Stone stated that the committee is trying to meet with Eversource principals to discuss saving and refurbishing the street lights. The committee hopes to get approval for its proposal and to agree on a rate plan, which would include maintenance coverage in an annual fee. Mr. Stone stated he believes Eversource is willing to listen, but he is not sure they are open to the option. The Street Light Committee also is interested in holding a Community Conversation in September and felt the outreach at Old Home Days was a success.
     Ned Hulbert suggested sharing Community Conversation materials with the Street Light Committee to get them started with format and logistics. Lisa Anderson offered to send the information to Kathy Bollerud and Seth Farmer. The next meeting of the SLC is July 17.

Hillsborough Aggregates Map 10 – Lot 6: Update on Revised Reclamation Plan
The PB received the revised Reclamation Plan with the requested corrections. However, Ryan Stone stated he noticed additional discrepancies related to the acreage of the existing pit and the distance noted from Route 137. He will discuss these calculations with Lisa Stewart this week.

Luncheon for past members
Members discussed potential dates to host a luncheon honoring former PB members for their service. Ned Hulbert will reach out to the invitees and get back to the PB with proposed dates.

Preliminary Conceptual Consultation with Scott Stone
Scott Stone attended for a preliminary consultation with the PB about a proposal to subdivide part of his 18-acre property to create three 2-acre lots for his children. He described the location, boundaries and contours of his property, and the frontage along both Silver Road and Blood Hill Road. Mr. Stone hopes to present a complete application to the PB next month.
Ned Hulbert explained the position of the Town Attorney that subdivisions cannot be done along Class VI roads; however, he added there are three options: 1) applying to the ZBA for a variance; 2) approaching the Select Board to request an upgrade of a portion of, or the whole, road to Class V; or 3) apply under the Conservation Subdivision Ordinance.  Mr. Stone replied that he believes precedent exists for subdividing along Class VI roads and that he believes that, technically, Blood Hill Road already is a Class V road based on an upgrade in the 1990s. Mr. Hulbert recommended that Mr. Stone talk to the Select Board first and reiterated the opinion of Silas Little on the matter.
Members discussed that Mr. Stone may be proposing a less intrusive solution and one that could uphold the spirit of the ordinance and involve controlled growth as conceptualized in the Master Plan; however it has to weigh the precedent issue against the costs to the town and the applicant. For a formal application, the board noted Mr. Stone would need a pre-approved plat from the Cheshire County Registry of Deeds. The board reviewed the definition of frontage as it appears on page 50 of the Zoning Ordinances, as well as the definitions of plat, on page 54, and final plat, on page 4 of the Subdivision Regulations.
The group agreed that, prior to the next PB meeting, the following would occur: 1) Scott Stone and Lisa Anderson will research the existence of a pre-approved plat; 2) Scott Stone will meet with the Select Board to discuss the status of Blood Hill Road; 3) Scott Stone will contact Charlie Sorenson of the ZBA to ask what a variance application entails and, if appropriate, meet with Mr. Sorenson and a member of the PB to discuss an application; 4) Ned Hulbert will research possible precedents. Those discussed include properties along Bidewee Road, Eastside Road and Townsend Road; 5) Ned Hulbert will confer with counsel regarding recommended procedure for the PB; and 6) Scott Stone will research history of subdivisions related to his property.
Separately, PB members discussed getting input from Carol Ogilvie regarding the relevant regulations and whether the town should be considering amending the ordinances related to Class VI roads.

Planning Board Membership
In light of the vacancies created by previous members’ retirements, the co-chairs discussed guidelines for membership, the process for joining and the need to help recruit candidates. Ryan Stone will talk to Craig Thompson about his ability to continue as a member. Separately, Winston Sims offered to serve as the Conservation Commission’s liaison to the PB and will raise this idea at the next Con Com meeting.

Community Conversation Feedback Form
Lisa Anderson presented a draft feedback form, to be presented to groups hosting PB-sponsored Community Conversations. The purpose of the form is to help the PB understand the proposed topic, format and how the issues relate to the Master Plan, as well as who is involved in organizing and running the event. If appropriate, a PB member could serve as a liaison. If a proposed topic is not Master-Plan related, the PB would still be willing to suggest possible contacts and/or venues.

Rules of Procedure
The group reviewed proposed changes to the existing PB Rules of Procedure, never formally adopted by the board. Following review and discussion of amendments, including the addition of a reference to RSA 91-A (the Right to Know Law) and ex parte communications, Jon Miner voted to approve the Rules of Procedure as amended. Courtney Cox seconded. All voted in favor. Ryan Stone will formalize the edits and circulate the approved document.

Office supplies – Noel Greiner offered to bring extra white boards from home. Co-chairs are still in search of the right vertical file and hope to add shelving on top.
NHMA Workshops – Members were asked to keep fall workshops in mind.

Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm.