The Harrisville Planning Board held its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at the town office building located on Chesham Road.

Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm.

Members present: Ned Hulbert, Ryan Stone, Jonathan Miner Selectman, Noel Greiner Alternate, Lisa Marie Anderson, Courtney Cox
Members absent: Craig Thompson Alternate, Pete Thayer Alternate
Members of the public and town officials: Winston Sims, Anne Howe, Sherry Sims, Don Scott, Kathy Scott

Attendance and voting members
Ryan Stonestated that the voting members present were himself, Ned Hulbert, Lisa Anderson, Noel Greiner and Jonathan Miner.

Approval of agenda
Noel Greiner moved to approve the agenda. All voted in favor.

Minutes of previous meeting 5/9
Jon Miner moved to approve the meeting minutes as written. All voted in favor.

Committee for Community Conversation 6/19: update and request for help
Ned Hulbert reiterated that the purpose of this Community Conversation is to determine whether or not residents want improved telecommunications services and if they are willing to consider the possibility of one or two cell towers in town, depending on the determinations of a service provider, to install the necessary infrastructure. Any movement forward, Mr. Hulbert added, will depend on the support of the community. He noted that posters about the event would be up by June 14 at 6 or 7 locations and that additional information and a copy of the broadband study are available on the website. Both broadband committee and planning board members will be on hand prior to the meeting to help Mr. Hulbert with logistics. The broadband committee has prepared a power point presentation and Mr. Hulbert will serve as emcee.

Hillsborough Aggregates Map 10 – Lot 6: Update on final Reclamation Plan
The PB had requested an updated reclamation plan following May 2 site visit, which Hillsborough Aggregates had stated it would have ready in June. Ryan Stone will follow up with them this week or early next week.

ADUs and Duplexes in Residential – Agricultural District: Question from Doug Walker
In response to a question from Doug Walker about the permissibility of duplexes in the Residential/Agricultural District, the PB revisited discussions of the housing subcommittee in the fall of 2016, relative to preparation of the ADU ordinance, concerning multi-family dwellings in the Residential/Agricultural District. Sherry Sims recalled that there was no consensus on multi-family housing and that the committee determined ultimately to leave the matter to the discretion of the PB and that, thus, currently there is no provision in the ordinance for multi-family housing in that district.  Extensive discussion within the housing committee focused on how duplexes would look on the lots and, though several creative ideas were explored, nothing definitive came out of it. There also was concern by members for one unit to be owner-occupied. The ADU ordinance addresses occupancy requirements but, relative to duplexes themselves, the language in the current ordinance isn’t as clear.
The group then discussed the language related to definitions of ADUs as compared to duplexes and the relationship of subordinate to accessory buildings. It was recommended and agreed that the newly formed ordinance subcommittee take up the matter in the coming months in light of the goal of the Master Plan to increase affordable housing in town.  In addition to clarifying the language about permissibility of multi-family housing in the Residential/Agricultural District, it was recommended that the subcommittee consider standards for duplexes, including setbacks, lot size, possibly buffers, and parking as well as provisions that address impervious cover and groundwater runoff. Noel Greiner recommended the ordinance subcommittee get input from Carol Ogilvie, exploring how other towns address this.

Ordinance Subcommittee: Revision Process and Upcoming Meeting
Lisa Anderson noted that the subcommittee will meet on Monday, June 18, from 3-5 pm and that the meeting is public. Within 1-2 months, the subcommittee will report to the PB on its areas of focus and its plan to address proposed amendments to the ordinance. Ned Hulbert noted that the Master Plan priorities to be kept in mind include economic development within the framework of the existing dynamic, the health of the school, affordable housing, regional cooperation and safe streets.

Streetlight Committee Update
Ryan Stone reported that the Streetlight Committee is working on a plan to present to Eversource that involves saving the radial wave fixtures and that the committee is considering a Community Conversation on the issue in September. Mr. Stone noted that Eversource is willing to continue talking to try to get the current non-functioning lights up and running, adding that he recommends the committee address the Select Board to ask Eversource to replace bulbs if the town provides the backstock. The committee hopes for a July meeting with Eversource to get an answer on this.

Other updates
Resources – Ryan Stone is looking into purchase of a vertical file and white board. It was noted that the estimated cost is $200-400 and that $1,500 remains in the budget.
NHMA workshops – Co-chairs asked any members who are interested in lectures this summer to notify them.

Meeting adjourned at 8:06 pm.