Meeting location: Town offices
Date: April 26, 2018
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Jon Miner, Kathy Scott
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 9:15 pm

Members of the public:  Bryan Kingsbury, Silas Little, Patty Massey

Documents signed or reviewed:

SB signed weekly financials in the amount of $259, 528.46.

SB signed SB Meeting Minutes of April 19, 2018.

SB signed NHDES Wetland Dredge and Fill Application for Chesham Pond Dam reconstruction.

Departments, Boards and Committees:
Assessing – SB signed Gravel Tax Levy for Hillsboro Aggregates (Map-10 Lot-6) and Intent to Cut application for Shane Lampinen (Route 137, Map 10 – Lot 27-5).

Code Enforcement Officer – SB noted signed building permit for Robert Ludlow of 24 Westside Road (Map-73 Lot-5).

Highway Department – In response to a request from a prospective property owner, SB discussed with the Road Agent the technical requirements for new roads based on design standards outlined in the zoning ordinance subdivision regulations. In a separate matter, the SB received another bid for the Hancock Road paving project and expects to have all three bids by next week.

Planning Board – SB noted the upcoming date reminders for PB meetings.

Tax Collector – SB approved the payment agreement between a taxpayer and the town.

Other Business:
Street Lights – SB met with Bryan Kingsbury, Town Moderator, Silas Little, Town Attorney, and Patty Massey, Town Clerk, to discuss the language in Warrant Article #7 and any legal, statutory or regulatory requirements surrounding the naming of a committee, any oaths of office, public noticing or meeting minutes required, and the role of the SB. The group discussed the matter and the imminent meeting with Eversource, agreeing that the committee is not a statutory board and has no statutory authority or statutory mandate other than to make a recommendation to the SB in September and for the 2019 Town Meeting.  Mr. Kingsbury asked if he had any obligation, or was being asked, to appoint the committee. Silas Little suggested that the Moderator, as a neutral party, name the committee to get it started but that the SB also had the right to do so if it chooses.  Kathy Scott requested a unanimous front, or consensus, of the SB to enhance the committee’s stature in discussions with Eversource. She added that Seth Farmer’s intention in drafting the language of the Warrant Article was for the “town” to include the SB and the committee and the residents. Jon Miner stressed the SB’s fiscal and safety responsibilities to the town and the need to address the reality of the existing lights. Jay Jacobs reiterated his position that the SB’s position on the Warrant Article remained unchanged. While acknowledging the validity of the Warrant Article, and stating there is no intention to block the committee from its work or from meeting with Eversource, Mr. Jacobs stated the committee was separate from the SB, which had always acted upon Eversource’s policies and position regarding the lights.  The anticipated meeting date with Eversource is either May 10 or May 17.

SB acknowledged receipt of donation thank you notes from CASA, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Southwestern Community Services.

SB acknowledged receipt of Southwestern Community Services Economic Impact Report.

At the SB’s request, a town employee met with Howard Clark, former human resources professional, regarding professional development.

Upcoming Meetings:
April 30 – Planning Board work session to prepare agenda for May 9
May 2 – HCC Regular Monthly Meeting
May 9 – Planning Board Regular Monthly Meeting
May 16 – ZBA Regular Monthly Meeting
July 6th– Fireworks Display at 9:15pm with a rain date of July 8th
July 28th– Pond Association 10am-12pm
September 11, 2018 – Primary Elections at Town Office (Lunch & Dinner)
November 6, 2018 – Primary Elections at Town Office (Lunch & Dinner)