Harrisville Conservation Commission
Meeting Minutes
April 4, 2018

Members present: Winston Sims, Kathy Scott, Les LaMois, Harry Wolhandler
Members absent: Andrea Polizos
Members of the public: John Cucchi, Don Scott

Meeting opened at 7:10 pm


1 – Request of John Cucchi
Mr. Cucchi attended to request reimbursement by the HCC for $500 for legal fees and $800 for expenses incurred for an appraisal prepared by Paquette. At the request of the HCC, Mr. Cucchi will submit documentation supporting the reimbursement amounts he seeks. HCC members stated they would consider the matter further and expect to make a decision at their May meeting. Mr. Cucchi also stated he hopes the HCC will strongly consider his request in order to avoid potential litigation that would involve much greater expenses for all parties.

When Kathy Scott asked if the HCC had the authority to satisfy such a request, members responded they believed they would have to go through the Select Board.

2 – Election of Officers
After discussion over whether or not elections should be held given Andrea’s absence, the group agreed to defer elections until after discussion of the minutes of previous meetings.

3-Minutes of Previous Meetings1/3, 2/28, 3/6
Following review of the minutes and general discussion of their intent, members moved to accept, seconded, and voted unanimously in favor to accept as originally drafted the meeting minutes of January 3, 2018, February 28, 2018 and March 6, 2018.

4 – Election of Officers
In attending to the election of Chairman, both Harry Wolhandler and Winston Sims spoke to state their qualifications for the role. Mr. Wolhandler was named Chairman by a vote of 3-1.

For the role of Vice Chair, Les LaMois moved that Kathy Scott serve in the position. All voted in favor.

Les LaMois was named secretary for the handling of any paperwork filing or related duties.

5 – Welcome Kathy Scott
Winston Sims welcomed Kathy Scott as the Select Board representative to the HCC. Ms. Scott spoke of her belief that HCC initiatives should include both ecological and cultural conservation matters and sees the commission’s role as helping balance development and conservation. She also hopes the HCC can dovetail with Historic Harrisville and its interests.

Separately, Les LaMois was nominated as HCC Representative to HHI.

6 – Membership fees
The group discussed membership in NH Lakes and the NHACC and the value of each. Winston Sims proposed that the HCC join NH Lakes (a $100 registration fee). This organization is the home base for the Lake Host program. Mr. Sims also propose the HCC join the NHACC (a roughly $215 membership fee), which offers legislative support. Harry Wolhandler seconded. All voted in favor.

7 – Draft outline for Community Conversation on Watersheds
Winston Sims had prepared a draft for review by the HCC as well as the Planning Board and the group agreed to hold off on the matter until the May HCC meeting.

8 – Hazardous Management
Following a brief discussion of oversight of hazardous materials and storage in town, the group moved into the topic of the Recycling Center and the potential for the HCC to help raise awareness of, and facilitate individual contributions to, environmental action around town.  Members agreed to add the topic to the next agenda and to consider bringing in an expert to discuss ideas with the group. One example could be the annual road cleanup and the idea of posting notices to generate interest and involvement.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05 pm.