Meeting location: Town offices
Date: January 11, 2018
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Andrew Maneval, Jonathan Miner
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting continued: 9:15 pm until Tuesday, January 16 at 9:00 am to discuss budget-related matters

Members of the public: Erin Hammerstedt, Winston Sims, Barbara Watkins, Ned Hulbert, Mary Day Mordecai, Rex Baker, Sherry Sims

Documents signed or reviewed:
SB signed weekly financials in the amount of $20,676.35.

SB signed Selectmen Meeting Minutes for January 8, 2018.

SB signed contract for full statistical revaluation for M&N Assessing.

Departments, Boards and Committees:
Recycling Center – SB stated that staff should call Rymes to check furnace at Recycling Center. Regarding signage, SB requests that Road Agent make a SLOW sign to post near entrance. SB notes that Phyllis will arrange to get a sign requesting people to break down cardboard. She will check with America the Beautiful to see if one can be obtained at no cost. Separately, SB has discussed issues of hours of operation and budget for the RC and will continue the discussion at the next budget session.

Conservation Commission – Winston Sims attended to discuss the HCC’s proposed Warrant Article to close the Land Conservation Trust Fund and return the fund allocation to the Town’s General Fund and to request the SB’s position on the matter. The SB emphasized that this year’s proposal was solely generated by the HCC and in no way solicited by the SB. They also reiterated their positions on why they had proposed the 2017 Warrant Article and why they believe the HCC retains several avenues for obtaining funds for which it identifies a need at such time the need arises. Mr. Sims reiterated his concern for the potential closing of the LCTF and why he believes access to the trust remains important. SB suggested Mr. Sims should discuss this with the HCC.

Tax Collector – SB will meet at 9am on Tuesday, January 16, and request that Rennie Timm make herself available sometime that morning to discuss budget issues.  SB signed request for tax refund.

Memorial Day Remembrance Committee – SB noted the request for a police officer to be on hand and the request for a member of the SB to attend.

Assessor – SB noted that Tim Northcott of M&N Assessing will meet with Lynn Cook on Friday, January 12, at 10:00 am.

Fire Department – SB acknowledged receipt of information about 2017 fuel usage, including 242 gallons of gas and 52 gallons of diesel.

Police Department – SB will ensure 2018 budget reflects PD’s estimated need for gas usage.

Other Business:
Street Light Project – Erin Hammerstedt stated she had met with the HHI board and expressed their desire to assess the test bulb outside the red barn before responding in writing to the SB.  She will return to the SB next week with a formal written response to the SB’s proposal.

Winter maintenance of Church Alley – Rex Baker of School Street approached the SB with his and other residents’ concerns about drivers continuing to use the unmaintained road, resulting in numerous vehicles’ getting stuck, often on his property, and asked for the rationale behind the SB’s decision not to clear it.  The SB reiterated its position that the road is private and, though the highway department had maintained it in the past, the difficult nature of the road resulted in several incidents that put the highway crew and its vehicles at risk. The group discussed issues of road ownership and options for maintaining safety and preventing vehicles from using the road while it is unmaintained. The SB will discuss the issue further with the Road Agent and asked Mr. Baker to do the same. SB also stated its interest in hearing from other residents concerned either way about the matter.

Transportation Committee – Members of the Transportation Committee attended to present to the SB the Complete Streets Resolution and Design Guidelines adopted by the Planning Board in October. The committee expressed its reasons it believes it would be beneficial for the SB and the town as a whole to adopt the resolution, citing the resolution’s goal of promoting safety, health and economic vitality. Members also expressed the positive shift in support from the DOT, the goal of bolstering the town’s opportunities for obtaining grant money through the adoption of the resolution and the continued goal of collaborating with the SB on transportation and infrastructure matters of importance to the SB, PB and residents, and of maintaining a regular conversation.  SB requested time to review the document more closely and will consider the matter again at its meeting next week.

American Thunder Fireworks – SB noted that proposed dates for fireworks for 2018 are July 6th with a rain date of July 8th.  SB requests input from the Old Home Days committee regarding the proposed dates.

SB acknowledged receipt of the following: SWRPC Commission Highlights;  Chemserve’s quote for 2018 PFAS at the Harrisville landfill; National School Choice Week for 2018; NHDRA’s Education Tax Warrant for Tax Year 2018 in the amount of $34,674; and NHPDIP’s Investment Rates and Benefits.

January 15 – Martin Luther King Day (office closed)
January 23 – Cemetary Meeting at 6:00 pm
March 13 – Town Meeting at Wells Memorial (dinner only)
September 11 – Primary Elections at Town Offices (lunch and dinner)
November 6 – General Elections at Town Offices (lunch and dinner)