Some members of the Planning Board met on Saturday, December 16, 2017 to review the progress with the O’Neil gravel excavation on Jaquith Road. The group met at 7:15 for half an hour.

Members Present:  Ned Hulbert, Sherry Sims, Courtney Cox

Members of the Public Present:   David O’Neil

The Planning Board, as required by RSA 155-E, conducted its annual review of the O’Neil gravel excavation on Jaquith Road.  Three member met with Dave O’Neil, who showed the extent of the past year’s gravel extraction.  He showed the Board the pile of wood chips he has been accumulating to put on the bank slops for stabilization when he begins his restoration steps.

The permit for this excavation expires late in 2018 and Dave understands that.  He feels he is on track with this schedule.  He said that he was running into more gravel and rocks than he expected and if he had more sand, he’d be all done by now.  He thought he’d hire a rock crusher in 2018 to further break up the rocks and gravel into smaller, more useful material.  The Board suggested that if he did this, that he coordinate with the neighbors, especially the Nearys, so they won’t be alarmed by the noise of the crusher.  He said that they machine works fast and would probably only require a few days.

The next step involving the Planning Board will be observing the final excavation limits in 2018 and seeing the restoration is in line with the restoration plan.