Meeting location: Town offices
Date: October 12, 2017
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Andrew Maneval, Jonathan Miner
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 9:00 pm

Members of the public and town officials:  Don Scott, Sal Mollica, Julia Pakradooni, Winston Sims, Rosemary Cifrino

Documents signed and reviewed:

SB signed weekly disbursements in the amount of $9,073.12.

SB signed Meeting Minutes of October 5, 2017.

SB voted to approve Internet upgrade proposal from Fairpoint.
Departments, Boards, and Committees:

Assessing – SB signed all copies of the Request for Proposal Statistical Update.

Building Inspector – SB noted signed Building Permits for Ernest and Susan Klein of 76 Brown Road, Richard Grant of 2 Dion Grove, Perry Nelson of 141 Skatutakee Road, Charles Sorenson of 365 Chesham Road and John Healy of 51 Silver Road.

Cemetery – SB authorized Transfer of Funds from the Cemetery Perpetual Care account to the General Funds in the amount of $125.91 for repairs made to the Island Cemetery Fence; SB authorized Transfer of Funds from the Cemetery Perpetual Care account to the General Funds in the amount of $9,175.00 for repairs made to the Island Cemetery Fence.

Conservation Commission – Mr. Sims requested the SB approve the $1,080 contribution of the HCC to the Skatutakee Lake Association which the HCC voted to approve at its last meeting. The contribution comes out of the Warrant Article funds allocated to the HCC for prevention of invasive species. SB approved the contribution.

Land Use Boards – SB noted agenda for Land Use Boards Meeting of October 10, 2017.

Zoning Sub Committee – SB acknowledged receipt of Meeting Minutes for September 27, 2017.

Other Business:

Proposal of Seaver Silver Lake Land Trust (SSLT) – Sal Mollica, Chairman of the Seaver Silver Lake Land Trust, and Don Scott appeared before the SB with a proposal to repair erosion at the public access area along Silver Lake and to control access points into the water via the two available sets of steps, the boat ramp and a proposed boulder wall to reestablish the shoreline.  A portion of the subject land is owned by the town and a portion is owned by the state. Mr. Mollica and Mr. Scott sought SB approval for the project as well as $5,000 in funds toward the total estimated cost of $19,000 to $20,000 for the work.

The plans submitted detailed the proposed building of a 16-foot wide boulder wall with capstones, terracing, and the laying a gravel bed to enhance filtration of water and prevent sediment runoff into the lake, as well as the planting of native vegetation and installation of a fence around the vegetation which, because of foot traffic, has been unable to establish itself. SSSLT is filing a Wetlands Permit application with the State DES. Mr. Mollica and Mr. Scott noted that the SSLLT has funded the project to date and was awarded a grant through the state’s SOAKS program. They added that the majority of the work has to be completed, inspected and reported by the end of the year to qualify for the state grant.

Winston Sims spoke on behalf of the project and Andrew Maneval noted he saw it as an appropriate application of Conservation Commission resources which the SB subsequently stated to Mr. Sims are available.  Jay Jacobs expressed concern about the proposed fence in light of the already limited public accessibility and the timing of the proposal. He also asked the board to consider the public value of the project versus the environmental value as well as weigh the potential similar needs of other bodies of water in town who hadn’t received town funds. Mr. Maneval and Mr. Miner noted their support of the environmental benefits and the fact that the majority of the funding was already taken care of by interested parties. Mr. Jacobs questioned the science or data available behind worsening water quality or increased turbidity, as well as noted the town’s previous contributions for mitigation projects around Silver Lake.

Mr. Maneval moved that the SB approve of the work described in the submitted plans with respect to town property and that the SB make a formal request to the Conservation Commission to consider and, once considered, allocate $5,000.00 toward the work to be done. Jon Miner seconded. The vote was 2-1 in favor. Jay Jacobs opposed. Mr. Maneval expressed to Mr. Scott the need for assurance that, prior to signing the Wetlands Permit application, the work to be done was exactly the work described to the board. Mr. Scott stated it would be.

Request from Welfare OfficerAndrew Maneval moved to accept the recommendation of the Welfare Officer to assist a resident in the amount of $850.00. All voted in favor.

UNH.NET – SB noted Automated Traffic Signal Performance Measures.

SAU #29 – SB noted agenda for October 16, 2017.

NH PDIP – SB acknowledged receipt of Investment Rate and Benefits

NH Division of Historical Resources – SB acknowledged receipt of request for project review for Hancock Road.

Monadnock Family Services – SB acknowledged receipt of thank you letter.

Community Volunteer Transportation Company – SB noted current statistics for Harrisville.

October 18 – ZBA