Meeting location: Town Offices
Date: August 24, 2017
Members present: Andrew Maneval and Jonathan Miner; Members absent: Jay Jacobs
Meeting opened: 6:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 6:25 pm

Members of the public: Grace Levergood from NHDES Dam Bureau, Brett Amy Thelen, Russell Cobb, Doug Gline and Roberta Gline

Beginning at 6:00 pm, a public informational meeting was held by the NHDES Dam Bureau to respond to any questions from Harrisville residents regarding the drawdown of Child’s Bog for dam repairs.

Grace Levergood, engineer for the Dam Bureau, explained to residents and the SB that, beginning September 5 and during the month of September, the Dam Bureau will gradually draw down the pond roughly 11 feet, no more than 6 inches per day. The bureau will maintain approximately 49 acres of surface area and about 6 feet of water in the deepest part of the pond. Ms. Levergood noted that NH Fish and Game will not be netting fish but will monitor the area to see if netting is needed once the draw down is under way.  NH Fish and Game informed the Dam Bureau that there will be no restrictions on ice fishing.

Ms. Levergood further described that engineers will build a coffer dam in front of the dam in order to be able to replace the dam abutments located on either end of the spillway and to examine the slab, spillway, gate structure and conduit for any damage. The spillway will not be removed. Beginning in October, engineers will begin work on the access road, entering from the Silver Lake side, and laying gravel to support the concrete trucks that will need to use the road. Ms. Levergood stated they expect to have the project complete by March 2018. Wetlands permits and dam safety permits will be posted.

When asked about concern about the water’s freezing all the way through and the effect on fish and amphibians, Ms Levergood noted that Fish & Game doesn’t typically worry unless there is less than 2 feet of water. Ms. Levergood used a map to point out exposed sediment at the pond’s edges and the locations where some tree clearing will be needed.

The public hearing closed at 6:25 pm.