Meeting location: Town Offices
Date: August 17, 2017
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Andrew Maneval, Jonathan Miner
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 9:15 pm

Documents signed and reviewed:

SB signed weekly financials in the amount of $15,965.62.

SB signed both copies of the Selectmen Meeting Minutes for August 10, 2017 and continued Meeting Minutes of August 14, 2017.

SB requests that Angela Hendrickson and/or Andrea Walker fill out the US Census Bureau form (Paperwork Reduction Act Burden Statement) and to seek assistance from SB if needed.

SB signed Adoption of Non-Qualified Retirement Plan.

SB signed Primex NH Worker’s Compensation Law Notice.

SB requests that Angela Hendrickson contact Ned Hulbert, Sherry Sims, Winston Sims, Hal Grant, Charlie Sorenson and Mike Wilder to inquire about times for a meeting on a Thursday night within the next month to discuss priorities of boards and ways the boards can work together on those priorities.

Departments, Boards and Committees:
Assessing – Selectmen signed one year standard agreement for Avitar.

Broadband Committee – Andrew Maneval informed the board that the Broadband Committee as of August 17 has raised $9,195. The committee indicates they are making additional calls and would expect an increase of anywhere from $1,000 – $3,000. Mr. Maneval subsequently made a motion to approve Interisle to conduct the broadband/cell phone study subject to a meeting with its representatives. All voted in favor.

Building Inspector – SB noted signed building permits for Joseph and Susan Behl of 651 Tolman Pond Road, for Anne Havill of 12 Mountainview Lane, and for Sarah Meath and Ed Tibbetts of 61 Prospect Street. SB noted signed driveway permit for Brice Raynor of 251 Hancock Road.

Common Threads – SB acknowledges receipt of the email changing the deadline for the next issue from September 24 to September 18.

Conservation Commission – SB noted Meeting Minutes of August 2, 2017.

Fire Department – SB signed Medical Hospital Agreement on pages three and ten.

Health Officer – SB noted sample summaries for Chesham Beach Russell Reservoir and for Sunset Beach on Harrisville Pond. In addition, SB signed Health Officer and Deputy Health Officer Renewals for Mike Wilder and David Belknap.

Planning Board – SB noted Meeting Minutes of August 9, 2017 and email regarding the Transportation Committee.

Recycling Center – SB has determined that it will request Matt Peard of MDS to meet with it and with Phyllis Tarr to discuss potential changes to the recycling center including double–streaming recyclables, combining fiber recycling, and establishing outdoor receptacles for recycling material. The SB also anticipates scheduling one meeting wherein anyone from the public interested in being heard on the subject will be included. Separately, SB noted certificate for attendance for NRRA training.

Trustees of the Trust Fund – SB signed three separate authorizations in the amount of $125.00 each to transfer funds from the town’s General Fund into the Cemetery Maintenance Trust Account; SB requested that Angela Hendrickson draw up an authorization to transfer $9,175.00 from the General Fund into the Cemetery Maintenance Trust Account.  Separately,
SB noted Meeting Minutes for August 8, 2017.

ZBA – SB noted agenda for August 16, 2017.  SB received a request from a resident seeking Hal Grant’s removal from the Zoning Board “due to conflicts of interest.” SB has received no supporting information and nothing in writing and determined it will take no action at this time.

Other Business:
NHDOTSB requests that Angela Hendrickson notice a “Public Hearing pursuant to RSA 31:95-b, IIA” to address use of the SB38 Funds, to be conducted on September 1, 2017.

Street Lights – SB expects to receive sample lights soon and will arrange for Eversource to install them.

August 24 – Public Information Meeting at 6:00 pm regarding drawdown of Child’s Bog.