Meeting location: Town offices
Date: August 7, 2017 (continued from August 3, 2017, 9:30 pm)
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Andrew Maneval, Jonathan Miner
Meeting opened: 9:00 am; Meeting adjourned: 10:00 am

SB continued its meeting of August 3, 2017 to consider the RFP proposals submitted for the Broadband/Cell Phone Study. It was decided not to select a vendor today, but to discuss the matter further at the next SB meeting on Thursday, August 10.

In addition, the SB discussed the situation at the Recycling Center and the need for alternatives in case a third person cannot be found to work there.  SB decided to ask Mat Peard of Monadnock Disposal Services to meet at the Recycling Center this week to get his opinion on whether the site could accommodate containers that could take all the recyclables currently processed by the Town and to eliminate the need for a third employee. Jon Miner will contact Mr. Peard.

Regarding the street light project, Jon Miner has ordered the 2 lights for the demonstration.