Meeting Location: Town Offices
Date: July 27, 2017
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Andrew Maneval, Jonathan Miner
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 9:35 pm

Documents signed and reviewed:

SB signed weekly financials in the amount of $157,559.95.

SB signed both copies of the meeting minutes for July 20, 2017.

SB reviewed the schedule of exposures for Primex.

SB acknowledged receipt of the letter from Jimmy D. Patton, Executor of Judith Patton’s estate, recognizing the grant of the subject lots (Lot 30-32-6 and 30-32-7) to the Town of Harrisville.

Departments, Boards and Committees:
Building Inspector – SB noted the signed building permit for Carrie and Allan Heath of 60 Breed Road (Map-40 Lot-112) and the signed renewal for Courtney Cox of 54 Lampman Road (Map-20 Lot 23-1)

Conservation Commission – SB was informed of the private well water workshop and requests that Angela Hendrickson post information on the Town Office bulletin board; SB noted emails regarding the HCC’s online discussions and recommends the committee deal with the issue as it deems appropriate.  The SB also noted the proposed Conservation Commission By-laws and the proposed agenda for August 2.

Health Officer – SB noted the test results for Harrisville Pond.

Library Trustees – SB acknowledged receipt of the trustee meeting minutes. SB requests that Angela review item 1 of those minutes.  Regarding lighting issues at the library, SB requests Angela contact Gil Alexander.

Recycling Center – SB noted the resignation letter of James McClure, whose last day is August 5th.  In addition, Phyllis Tarr, Randy Tarr, Sr. and Randy Tarr, Jr. met with SB to discuss filling the available position. Ms. Tarr noted that several other towns in the area are also looking for help, presenting a challenge to find a replacement. When asked if she had a back-up plan in light of Mr. McClure’s departure, Ms.Tarr said she did not and that she and Randy Tarr, Jr. couldn’t handle the shifts by themselves. The SB asked the Tarrs about different scenarios regarding streamlining different types of recyclables and what the options, costs and/or proceeds would be if, on an interim basis, until the position is filled, the current system was unsustainable.  SB requested that Ms.Tarr present the SB with different possible scenarios and a contingency plan, in the event no one is hired or in the event someone is hired for one of the two days the recycling center is open.  The board also asked to be kept informed. The SB briefly discussed the economics of various recycling and waste disposal options, including the longer-term possibility of modifying the building, noting that the town voted in favor of recycling at Town Meeting. The available position will be posted on the website. Phyllis Tarr noted that, in the meantime, she and Randy Tarr, Jr. would put in the extra time needed to clean up what couldn’t be handled during Saturdays hours.

Separately, Randy Tarr, Sr. noted that the new belt for the glass crusher arrived and will be installed this week.

Tax Collector – SB reviewed and signed the refund request for property taxes in the amount of $27.08; the SB signed the Abatement Refund Credit for $1000.00 and $48.00.

Town Clerk – SB signed the Wetlands Application for Richard and Kristen Hill of 169 Eastside Road (Map-71 Lot-9).

Other Business:
Broadband StudyAndrew Maneval moved that SB approve RFP on Broadband Study. JM seconded. All voted in favor. Will go out tomorrow.

Complete Streets – As a member of the Transportation Committee, Andrew Maneval shared with the SB a draft of the newly drafted Complete Streets Guidelines. He explained that the policy will be discussed at the next Planing Board meeting and possibly submitted to the SB subsequent to that.

Employee Retirement – Andrew Maneval moved that the SB direct Angela Hendrickson to prepare a request to the Trustees of The Trust Funds to disburse $17,000.00 in respect of Wes Tarr and $17,000.00 for James Porter and $17,800 Randy Sr. and $16,900 in respect of Angela Hendrickson, leaving $19,400K in each of the trust funds of Wes Tarr and $11,900 with respect to James Porter.

Personnel – The SB heard concerns and frustration expressed by a town employee regarding what is believed to be inappropriate behavior, including misrepresentation – potentially damaging – of town business and defamation of character of other town employees to residents. The SB agreed it needed to be addressed.

Sage Peachtree – SB acknowledged receipt of the Customer Alert and OSHA 10 Survey.

Paychex –  SB noted the Paychex meeting and the email regarding the Municipal Bond Bank’s 2017 Series Sale Results.

NHDES – SB noted the email from DES about certification of Solid Waste Operators.

August 2 – Conservation Commission Meeting
August 8 – Trustees of the Trust Fund at 7:00 pm
August 9 – Planning Board Meeting
August 16 – ZBA Meeting