Crosswalk Demonstration in Town – Complete Streets

On Saturday, July 8, at Old Home Days, residents and visitors had the opportunity to use two crosswalks that were installed in town as a demonstration.  One crosswalk facilitated walking between the General Store and the mill side of Main Street and another between Mill No. 1’s parking lot and the steps to the Children’s Center. The NH DOT permitted these demonstrations for the day, as a way for the town to experiment with the idea of crosswalks.

Over 50 people completed feedback cards that were placed on tables at both crosswalks.  The feedback was almost unanimous (only 2 negative responses) in supporting the idea of town crosswalks for greater safety.  To review the crosswalk feedback summary, visit the Planning Board section of the town website.

As part of its responsibility for the town’s Master Plan, the board has sponsored a Complete Streets Committee.  Supported by two Southwest Regional Planning Commission staff, the group has met monthly since last September to study ways to better connect town roads, streets and trails for safer use by cars, pedestrians and bicyclists.  Safer, better-connected roads enhance social connectivity between residents of all ages and have a positive economic effect.

The Complete Streets Committee sponsored a booth at Old Home Days so that it could share newly created maps of roads and trails in town and discuss work that has been done with the Safe Routes to School Program at Wells Memorial School, the NH DOT, and the Select Board.  The Complete Streets Committee has developed draft plan based on this work.  The plan will continue to be discussed with residents over the next 1-2 years before proposals are made to DOT and town officials to improve car, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, as well as to encourage more children to walk and bike to Wells Memorial School.

If you are interested in joining or being part of the ongoing Complete Streets work, which has now become the Transportation Committee of the Planning Board, please contact any of the current Transportation Committee members: Barbara Watkins, Andrea Polizos, Mary Day Mordecai, Heri Tryba, Andrew Maneval or Ned Hulbert.