The Town of Harrisville Zoning Board Adjustment held a public meeting on June 21, 2017 @ the Town Office located on 705 Chesham Road.

Members present: Hal Grant, Chairman; Jonathan Miner, Selectman; Sue Brown; Rex Baker, Alternate
Members absent: Charles Sorenson, Vice-Chairman; Jeffrey Trudelle
Members of the public: Carrie Heath; names of 3 others attending unknown

Hal Grant opened the meeting at 7:10 pm.

1. Carrie and Allan Heath – 60 Breed Road (Map 40 Lot 112) Application for a Variance

From Article VI, Section 1.3 of the Zoning Ordinance. Request for a Variance related to 50’ setback from public right of way for a 10 x 25’ floating dock.

Mr. Grant noted to applicant Carrie Heath the absence of members Jeff Trudelle and Charles Sorenson and the recusal of Jonathan Miner for the hearing of the application, stating that all three attending members would have to agree for the application to be approved. Mr. Grant offered the applicant the opportunity to postpone the hearing until at least four members were in attendance. Ms. Heath responded that she believed a site visit by board members would help clarify what is exhibited in the photographs submitted with the application and the reasons for the request for the variance.

Board members agreed to individually visit the property prior to the July 19, 2017 meeting and voted unanimously to table the application until then.

2. Meeting Minutes of May 17, 2017.
Members approved and signed the meeting minutes of May 17.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.