Meeting location: Town offices
Date: June 15, 2017
Members present: Jay Jacobs, Andrew Maneval, Jonathan Miner
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 9:45 pm

Members of the public/town officials: Brian Halvonick, Mike Wilder, Building Inspector, Chris Jackson, Janice Jackson, Mary Day Mordecai, Ned Hulbert, Planning Board Co-Chairman, Heri Tryba, Planning Board, Solveig Tryba, Barbara Watkins, Trails Committee, Erin Hammerstedt, Historic Harrisville Executive Director, Seth Farmer, Peggy Evans, John Evans, Doug Walker, Historic District Commission Chairman, Scott Oliver, Historic District Commission, Kathy Bollerud, Margaret Ward

Documents signed and reviewed
SB signed weekly financials in the amount of $3,174.65.

SB moved to approve the amendment from David Belknap, which will be attached to the original June 1 minutes. SB signed both copies of the amendment, signed amended Selectmen Meeting Minutes for June 1, 2017 and both copies of the Selectmen Meeting Minutes of June 8, 2017.

The SB acknowledged receipt of two quotes for home heating oil and for propane which they will keep on file for further consideration upon receipt of additional quotes. The SB noted 2017-2018 Price Agreement for Chabott Oil.

Andrew Maneval moved that the SB deputize Jay Jacobs to determine the most cost-effective way to deal with the leak at the police station and to authorize him to make a decision to correct it. Jon Miner seconded. Vote was 2-1 in favor. SB asks Angela Hendrickson to follow up on this.

SB noted pricing from Rymes regarding the Fire Department Heater and asks Angela Hendrickson to obtain prices from additional providers.

Departments, Boards, and Committees
Conservation Commission – SB noted the email from Winston Sims requesting emails to board chairs about submitted applications. Based on input received from the administrative staff, SB requests that board chairs be made aware that new documents are available in town office files. Separately, SB noted the email from Mr. Sims on the site visit for John Cucchi’s property and the email from Harry Wolhandler to Mr. Sims about land use applications.

Building Inspector – Janice & Chris Jackson, with Brian Halvonick and Mike Wilder, met with Selectmen to discuss the nature of the change in work on the Jackson property on Dion Grove Road. Mike Wilder stated the building permit granted to the Jacksons was for an enclosed deck with railings and not for a porch, or an addition, which requires the filing of a set of plans. The Jacksons had appeared before the ZBA in the Fall of 2016, at which time they discussed a proposed deck. The ZBA determined that only a building permit was required, given that the Jackson’s met setback regulations. Andrew Maneval stated the question surrounds if the change in work presents a zoning issue, given the use of the addition, and Mike Wilder stated it would be more of a non-conforming lot given the lot size and that it would be living space, not just a porch. Mike Wilder added that, if the SB determined the Jacksons don’t need to return to the ZBA, the Jacksons are required to file a set of detailed plans outlining information on walls, insulation, windows and rafters, the RV values, licensed electrician and plumber information and the use of the room. When the Jacksons stated the room would be used as a gameroom, Mr. Wilder noted that septic certification would not be required. It was stated the Jackson’s meet setbacks, including to the right of way. Mr. Maneval then moved that the SB require the Jacksons file the appropriate application for a building permit for the actual work as defined by Mike Wilder, pay the difference in fees pertaining to an enclosed living space and proceed from there. Jon Miner seconded.  Separately, Mike Wilder noted the need to draft a new checklist to be attached to building permit applications. Brian Halvonick will obtain the checklist used by the Town of Greenfield as a sample. Mike Wilder will work with Angela Hendrickson to get it in place.

SB noted signed Building Permit for Jay Frazier of 290 Chesham Road (MAP-40 Lot-64).

Planning Board – Planning Board Chair Ned Hulbert attended with Complete Streets committee members to discuss their application to install temporary crosswalks in the village during Old Home Days. One crosswalk would connect the General Store to the other side of Main Street and the other crosswalk  would connect Mill #1 to the Children’s Center. The group has filed a Parade Permit, which the Chief of Police stated he would not sign given he feels it’s unsafe and that the DOT would not allow it. Andrew Maneval and Jon Miner indicated their inclination to sign the application in the interest of getting feedback and guidance from the DOT on what would and would not be allowable on DOT roads through town. The group discussed that the Police Chief’s concerns partly relate to lack of sidewalks on either side of the road. The SB agreed to submit the permit request Friday, June 16.  Barbara Watkins added that, at one time and for several years, there was a moveable pedestrian stanchion in place in the village. Heri Tryba expressed hope that the permit request would be viewed as one piece of an overall plan for the town.

The group then discussed the planned painting of a yellow line on Hancock Road, approved by the SB as a traffic calming measure in response to requests from area residents and to feedback from a DOT engineer. Mr. Hulbert requested more time before the SB acted to gain further input from the public, believing there might be a better approach. Discussion surrounded the numerous traffic calming measures suggested two years ago when the SB was planning work on Hancock Road, was approached by a large group of residents in the area requesting road calming measures, a DOT engineer was retained, and a report was prepared on various options. Andrew Maneval stated these included, among others, speed bumps, sidelines on either side of the road, and digital radar signs. He added the SB recognized then that it was important to slow down the process to think it through more carefully. Jon Miner added that residents have been waiting roughly three years for something to be done. Ned Hulbert proposed collaborating with residents in the area of Hancock Road, in the interest of addressing the same concerns. Noting that no one on the SB opposes more frequent collaboration, Andrew Maneval and Jon Miner stated if the committee was willing to move quickly over the next couple of weeks to formulate specific recommendations, the SB would hold off for now, but at any point could move ahead if it feels it’s in the best interest of the town.

Health Officer – SB acknowledged receipt of Drinking Water Analysis for the Town Spring.

Road Agent – SB thanked Wes Tarr for his work on the bike racks.

School Board – SB acknowledged notice of June 19, 2017 meeting and draw down schedule for school payments.

Town Employees – SB clarified its position regarding appropriate training for town employees.

Zoning Board – SB noted the Agenda for June 21, 2017 and the application of Carrie and Allan Heath of 60 Breed Road (Map-40 Lot-112). SB requests that Angela Hendrickson ascertain from Hal Grant, based on two recusals, that the board has a quorum for its meeting.

Other Business:
NH DOT – SB requests that Angela Hendrickson advise DOT that the updates are fine and no amendments are necessary. SB noted updates on State Aid and City and Town Directory.

SB will decline the opportunity for a shred day at the Recycling Center.

SB acknowledged receipt of Primex Mental Health 101 Training on June 22, 2017.

SB noted the free information on chlorinating water and wastewater from Chlorinators Inc.

SB noted 250th Birthday of the Town of Nelson on July 8, 2017.

Street Lights – Doug Walker, Chairman of the Historic District Commission, presented his recommendations and a proposed timeline for moving forward. The HDC, aiming to adhere to the Warrant Article and Amendment passed at Town Meeting, while also preserving the town’s historic integrity, proposed a fixture which needs to be assessed by Eversource for acceptance and for restoration and retrofitting possibilities. The HDC’s goal, Mr. Walker stated, is to do whatever it can to preserve and retrofit the existing fixtures or acquire them for inventory for the town’s ownership and use as it sees appropriate and, if that isn’t possible, to locate a fixture that resembles as closely as possible the fixtures currently in place, has an LED component accepted by Eversource, and is in keeping with the Warrant Article’s mandate. To date, he noted, the HDC has not found a suitable LED bulb that could be screwed in to the existing fixtures, an idea many in town had inquired about. Mr. Walker mentioned the attractive fixture samples provided by Akhil Garland but stated they were for interior use and he hasn’t been able to locate an outdoor model.

In the event the current fixtures don’t meet Eversource’s guidelines for LED lighting, the HDC will continue to pursue the idea of retaining ownership of them for the town’s own use, outside of a contractual relationship with Eversource. Kathy Bollerud noted that the HDC has located vendors familiar with rehabilitating fixtures who could be included in an RFP and who may be identified through the light manufacturers.

Doug Walker read the following excerpt from the handbook of the New Hampshire Preservation Alliance:

A local historic district is one of the most effective and comprehensive mechanisms to manage change in a historic area. Its purpose is to preserve the significant character of an area, while accommodating and managing change and new construction in accordance with regulations developed by local consensus. Specifically, a historic district preserves elements of a municipality’s cultural, social, economic, political, community and architectural history; conserves property values; fosters civic beauty; strengthens the local economy; and contributes to the education, pleasure and welfare of its citizens. One or several of thjese purposes might apply within a community, but all are valid and supportable by state law.

Mr. Walker looks at the Street Light Project as an opportunity for the HDC to exercise its mission as handed down by the NHPA, and for Historic Harrisville, the HDC and the SB to collaborate, honoring the time the SB dedicated to the project and the sentiments of residents.

Andrew Maneval subsquently reiterated that the HDC and the SB have a townwide duty to consider all opinions, not just special interests. He also stated the authority must be in place to pursue a process that is separate from the process the SB was following based on the Warrant Article and vote at Town Meeting. Discussion ensued regarding the type and quantity of light, what would be desirable and would meet safety concerns, and the need for Eversource to weigh in on what meets their guidelines. Kathy Bollerud suggested adding a cobra fixture during the demo period so residents can view a third option, and the SB agreed it made sense. Erin Hammerstedt added a PEMCO representative she spoke to seemed confident a suitable solution could be found. She also felt lights of different strengths could be used for different areas of town as desired. The HDC and Historical Harrisville expressed the goal of putting the onus on vendors to come up with acceptable, creative solutions to meet the town’s needs and budget. Andrew Maneval stated that the criteria would have to include meeting design needs, the mandate of the Warrant Article and the associated financial constraints which, Mr. Maneval later stated, would bear on the RFP. Doug Walker responded they are aware of the budgetary elements.

As far as the proposed timetable, Jon Miner questioned whether enough information was in place to issue an RFP according to the HDC’s projections. The SB thought the six week period as a whole was doable If Eversource and the vendors are responsive and expressed hope it could be accelerated. Andrew Maneval restated that, while collaboration can be good, to give the Warrant Article Amendment its full due, ultimately the HDC, as a single point of supervision, should be responsible for the timeline and a decision, and suggested Jon Miner provide input along the way. Erin Hammerstedt offered support from the Historic Harrisville staff. It was further clarified that the cobra heads would meet the budget constraints if they were the only fixtures the town installed. Jay Jacobs added that the possibility of $5,000 in rebates should not be seen as insignifant to the town. HDC will build into the timeline the input of public opinion. Andrew Maneval reiterated that the SB had always planned to have a public hearing for residents to express their views.

Lake Skatutakee Association – Margaret Ward asked the SB for approval for the Lake Association to continue its voluntary efforts to maintain the garden around the historic depot/police station and to finish the repairs to the exterior of the building. Ms. Ward stated the association would like to continue the work this summer, including replacing the sign, in the memory of her recently deceased cousin, Judy Patton, who did so much for the Lake Association and the structure. The SB unanimously approved of the repairs with sincere gratitude. The board expressed additional gratitude to the core group of volunteers who also offered to repair the platform at the spring. Andrew moved to approve the providing of materials and to permit those individuals, with the SB’s thanks, to work on the spring and depot. All voted in favor.

July 3rd Fireworks rain date July 10th
July 7th 9th Old Home Day