Present: Doug Gline, Les LaMois, Andrea Polizos, Winston Sims, Harry Wolhandler, Jay Jacobs,

Guests: John and Anne Cucchi
1. The chair opened the meeting at 7:05 pm

2. The HCC, following their nomination by Jay Jacobs, elected Harry Wolhandler as Vice Chair and Les LaMois as Secretary.

3. The chair proposed modifying the agenda to accommodate the Cucchi’s presentation.

4. The chair reminded the Cucchis that the HCC is only an advisory body and can make no “go, no-go” decisions.

Anne Cucchi read in a loud voice that they had already presented their application to the Planning Board and it had not yet been accepted. She said she did not want to make another presentation until the Planning Board had acted on their original presentation.

She thought the HCC had no say until the application has been accepted.

The chair indicated the HCC had been invited by different parties for a consultation prior to making a formal presentation and they had found the opportunity to do so had enabled them to focus and sharpen their presentation. It was in this spirit that the HCC had extended its invitation.

John Cucchi said he did not need to do this as they had made the presentation so many times.

The chair said he had understood that the Cucchis had made a new presentation for their new application. As such he did not want the HCC to make any inappropriate assumptions.

John Cucchi said, yes it was a new application.

The chair said the responsibility of the HCC was to review applications primarily in the light of Ordinances addressing the shoreland, wetlands, and steep slopes.

The Cucchis repeatedly reminded the HCC that they have a lawsuit pending against the Town.

They had written their note of 4 May 2017 to the HCC and the chair. They made a proposal to secure reimbursement of various investments they had made with respect to their land. It seemed to be the case that the Cucchis wished the HCC to be aware of the prospects of further lawsuits.

The Cucchis indicated they did not want to be required to do any more tests. The HCC reminded them the HCC, per its advisory role, cannot require a landowner to do anything.

Following an invitation from John Cucchi to a member of the HCC “to step outside”, the chair indicated all further comments would go through the chair. At that point it was agreed there was nothing further to be discussed.

There had been no discussion of any substantive issue.

4. There was a brief review of the up-coming Community Conversations. On 5 June 2017 there will be a Community Conversation on the Complete Streets issues. This topic being of some complexity, it is to be expected that this Conversation would be followed by other discussions.

A second Community Conversation, likely to be held in August, will address Protection of Water/ Aquifers. This will be a meeting of a high order of interest to the HCC.

5. Old Home Days will be on July 7 and 8. It is expected HCC will request two booths.

6. There had not yet been any noticing of Roadside Trash Pick-Up. This will be undertaken soon.

7. Meeting was adjourned shortly after 9:00.