Meeting location: Town offices
Date: April 13, 2017
Members present: Andrew Maneval; Jonathan Miner. Members absent: Jay Jacobs
Meeting opened: 7:00 pm; Meeting adjourned: 9:20 pm

Documents signed and reviewed:

SB signed Weekly Cash Disbursements in the amount of $7,475.35

SB signed both copies of Selectmen Meeting Minutes for April 5 and April 6, 2017.

SB noted that Arthur Sussman will be at the Police Station at 9:00am Monday, April 17, 2017 to make repairs.

Regarding the letter from Cheshire Superior Court regarding Albert Froy v. JP Morgan Chase Bank, Andrew Maneval wrote a note to Angela Hendrickson asking that materials be sent to Al Froy.

Regarding the road name change to Breed Road from Silver Lake Road, Jonathan Miner stated it was part of the institution of E-911 around 1999. SB asks Angela Hendrickson to please explain the need for this information.

Building Inspector – SB noted the signed Building Permit for Bob and Maria Coviello of 797 Chesham Road (Map-30 Lot-76). Regarding Assembly Permit information, Mike Wilder provided SB with a copy of the City of Keene’s. The SB also is reviewing the template provided by the State.

Pursuant to Mike Wilder’s request, Doug Walker attended as representative of Bob and Maria Coviello to discuss with the Selectmen current and future plans for small gatherings at The Harrisville Inn and to seek their guidance on potential zoning issues related to use. Issues discussed included potential parking requirements as well as occupancy limits and rating based on space and design of the structure. It was noted that gatherings of more than 50 people are considered “an assembly” and require state oversight.

The Building Inspector confirmed that the building is to code, that it contains an ADA bathroom, is wired with metal clad cable, has lit exit signs, and is equipped with a sprinkler system. SB recommended that Doug Walker follow the guidance of Building Inspector for compliance in addition to seeking guidance from the ZBA on potential zoning requirements. Mr. Walker stated his intent to do so.

Conservation Commission – SB acknowledged receipt of information from Winston Sims regarding the Aquifer Protection Ordinance and Meeting Minutes for April 5, 2017.

Historic District Commission – SB acknowledged receipt of Meeting Minutes for April 4, 2017.

School Board – SB acknowledged receipt of Meeting Minutes for March 16, 2017.

Tax Collector – SB requests Angela Hendrickson determine whether there is a pending Contract Agreement with Rennie Timm after which they will sign the Oath of Office for Tax Collector. SB will consider the options for a small safe and counter top.

SB acknowledged receipt of Tax Collector sent Letter out per request.

Town Clerk – Selectmen signed Oath of Office for Andrew Maneval for Emergency Management Director.

Other Business:           

SB instructed that Angela Hendrickson arrange for a debit card for the Recycling Center. SB enclosed a list of items in the bin that the debit card would be used for. SB also stated that Randy Tarr, Jr. should access gasoline supply at the old town barn. 

Chabott Coal & Oil – SB suggested that Angela Hendrickson contact Serve Pro for a quote for duct work at the police station and to coordinate with Vera. 

Monadnock Family Services – SB acknowledged receipt for Thank You Letter for appropriations in the amount of $1200.00. 

Eversource – SB acknowledged receipt of Electric Hazard Awareness Training.

SB noted 10th Annual Public Performance Conference on September 28 and 29, 2017.

Tom Tolman met with the SB to discuss work still to be done on the eave of the police station roof, and stated that work was completed on the fire station door. Mr. Tolman said he would discuss with Wayne DeRosier the request to weather strip the garage bay doors and to repair the office light. Regarding the guard rails in the village, Tom Tolman will return next week or the following week to discuss further.

Seth Kallman and Charles Michal met with the SB to discuss drainage issues on Church Street and a previously approved project to dig up asphalt and reconstruct the swale alongside Charles Michal’s property. They discussed the timing with Wes Tarr who is aware of the upcoming work.

Upcoming Meetings:
April 19th Zoning Board Meeting
May 18th Tim Carney and Grace Levergood will meet with the Selectmen to discuss the Dam Project.